Single Serving… On What Planet?

Is this a joke? Someone tell me who considers this a single serving.

I was in the grocery store with Helaine this afternoon. She said I looked like a deer in the headlights. Guess I don’t go often enough.

I stopped dead in my tracks at the end of the frozen food aisle. There was a barrel shaped freezer standing on floor. Inside a sign from Edy’s claimed single serve ice cream!

I opened the lid and reached in.

Is this a joke? Someone tell me who considers this a single serving.

This is more like an ice cream appetizer.

15 thoughts on “Single Serving… On What Planet?”

  1. We don’t keep ice cream in the house. Too much temptation. When I really, really need a taste, I find those little ones are just enough. But the Ben & Jerry’s. Gotta make it count.

  2. What is amazing is how much they cost! $1.50 for those little ones compared to 3.99-5.99 for the big ones. You get much more than 3-4 times the smaller size in the larger size. You’re really just paying for packaging.

  3. Portion control….why do you think USA has an obesity crisis?????? All things in moderation….single serving 3x/day…..hahahahaha

  4. If you can control your own portions, then this makes no sense. People love convenience. What they really end up doing is eating two of these, instead. Honestly, a real ‘serving’ is what they would call a serving and a half.

    I just can’t eat those kinds of ice cream anymore. From a national brand, it is Ben & Jerry, but I would prefer to stick with local options such as Farmers Cow, Shady Glenn, or the Uconn Dairy Bar.

  5. Oh but Ben – if you CAN’T control your own portions, these make perfect sense!
    I can put away a pint of Ben & Jerry’s in one sitting no problem so sometimes when I’m doing my weekly shop I’ll buy two of these from Ben & Jerry’s for a little treat for my husband and I. Only one each so there’s nothing more to eat.

  6. I guess for a little treat so you won’t eat the whole gallon.
    Hey remember the hoodsie cups I know they still sell them. I guess if you had any ice cream in your freezer last week you would have to throw it out if you lost power anyway I think we
    all need a treat this week.

  7. I bought a bag of Emerald Harmony Trail Mix. The serving size is 30 grams. So I weighed out 30 grams worth on our kitchen scale. It came to a grand total of about 12 nuts/raisins! Of course these companies then base their nutrition information on the package based on that ludicrous an amount.

  8. It’s a test….it’s only a test… it’s a test to see how much control you have! IF you eat the appetizer….can you STOP or must you now go back to the store and get yourself a pseudo-half gallon! 🙂

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