I Hate Robocalls

Here’s the problem. These calls are against the law! They’re going to my cellphone.

I got a call from my mayor today. He wants my vote tomorrow. He only calls when he wants something. Isn’t that why I have a child?

During the current campaign I’ve gotten two calls from the mayor and another from a state rep on the mayor’s behalf.

I suspect my number was obtained from the local registrar. This is not the purpose for which I surrendered my number.

Here’s the real problem. These calls are against the law! They’re going to my cellphone.

From Wikipedia: [R]obocalls from or on behalf of political organizations are permitted under the FTC rules however they are prohibited by FCC rules that prohibit all robocalls (including charity and political calls) when made to cell phones and certain other numbers, without express consent or an emergency purpose.

For the nerdier it’s covered in 47 U.S.C. 227(b)(1).

I have voted in every election since I first became eligible and squandered my vote on George McGovern. I will vote tomorrow. I will not view this call favorably.

If you’re trying to win over voters why would you do something that so obviously pisses so many off?

11 thoughts on “I Hate Robocalls”

  1. “Squandered my vote on George McGovern” – I too voted for Senator McGovern, but would not characterize that vote as squandered. Quixotic perhaps, but nobly so.

    1. Yes, better choice of word. I lived in North Carolina.

      Republican Richard Nixon(incumbent) 1,054,889
      Democratic George McGovern 438,705

  2. I would send the officials a strongly worded note/email reminding them of this law. After all, they are supposed to uphold the law.

  3. For the past three days I have received these robo-calls, all from the same (516) area code number. The first from Martin Looney, the second from Rosa DeLauro, the third from John DeStefano himself. Aside from the robo-call aspect, which I abhor, what I find most offensive about these calls is that he couldn’t even hire a New Haven firm to make the robo-calls for him. He had to farm it out to some company in Long Island. (Or so it appears.) Keep the campaign money local. Or risk my ire at the polls!

    [Thank you for the opportunity to rant about this, Geoff. Much appreciated. 🙂 ]

  4. Along with robocalls, I hate the automated calls:
    Ring! (do phones actually ring anymore?)
    Me: Hello?
    Long silence.
    Me: Hello?
    Silence. Click.
    Caller: Hello, Mrs. B…
    Me: Click. (Or a few epithets if I’m especially cranky.)
    And this despite being on the “do not call list.”

  5. Thanks to caller ID, I haven’t been picking up when these robocalls have come in. I can’t wait for them to stop tomorrow.

  6. I never answer my telephone. I have my answering machine turned on all the time, and I screen all my calls. I only pick up when I want to.

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