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We want Doppler to be happy, but most of all we want Doppler to do what dogs do best, make the people around her happy.

Yesterday’s blog post about our upcoming puppy adoption has brought lots of response. I am grateful for all the comments and suggestions. Sometimes it’s just impossible to respond, but I read EVERY comment without fail.

Many of you suggested we adopt Doppler’s brother/father/cousin (we really don’t know), Wilbur. We just aren’t prepared to take two, but our friend Cheryl is heading out to Wallingford tomorrow to see if he’s right for her.

If Cheryl takes Wilbur we’ll create our own little ‘mutual aid society’ for dog sitting and the like. We are hoping he’s the right match for her and Steve.

A few of you have written to offer your services for in-home sitting. Believe me, I’ll be keeping those names.

I’ve gotten many recommendations concerning boarding at professional facilities. I suggest anyone with a dog go back through yesterday’s comments. Some readers are very happy with these services, including one where your pup stays in his own little ‘suite’ with a small bed and camera where you can look in.

Your word is good by me.

Helaine has already gone out and purchased a dog car seat. She bought food too, but after some online scouting will be returning it. Too much filler! She’s got the new brand picked out.

Doppler will be sleeping upstairs with us, but we’re getting a crate because being a free range puppy isn’t always appropriate. Though Helaine would like one that’s spacious with enough room for Doppler to stretch out or have friends over for drinks after work the appropriate size is much, much smaller. Dogs have a nesting instinct and do best in a space not much larger than they are.

Friday’s the day.

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  1. After work? Doppler has a job already? Good for her! And you’re right – crates are better if they are a good nesting size – easier for housetraining as well as for doggy security. She’s a lucky little pup!

  2. shes a real cutie…i have 2 maltese that look just like her…all that love and they dont shed…even my asthma loves them

  3. I am SO excited for you both! When we got Bailey a year and 1/2 ago Alexis (my daughter) and I fell in love immediately. Just like what happened to you, the dog we were originally supposed to adopt was taken, and they brought us Bailey, even more beautiful and expressive than the other Lhasa we had our hopes on. Bailey is loving, loyal, fun and always brings a smile to my face. She has been a wonderful addition to our household. (even the cats like her, and Russian Blues can be very picky!)

  4. Our Niles (black lab/pure golden retriever mix) who is no longer with us did not like it when we removed his crate. That was his space…how did we know that they become so accustomed to things like that? So, don’t get rid of her home!

  5. I am happy for you, Geoff. The absolute love a rescue dog looks at you with is amazing. Getting a dog is like having a baby, everyone gives so much advice, and you just have to sift through it and see what fits with your family. I foster about five dogs a year now, and while the members of our foster network are amazing people and devoted to dogs, I cannot listen and do what everyone suggests (like prepare every single meal for my dogs from scratch). People are very opinionated, but the main thing is, your little beauty is going to be rescued, safe, comfortable, warm, fed, cared for, and most of all, loved.

  6. Sabrina LOVED her crate forever…her brother Brody HATED his! lol So happy you found a fit! Free range…lol…what a nice way of putting it! Should you need good sound recommendations on food – or anything – the ladies who own H3 pet supply in Shelton are the best in the world! (no relation, just lots of great experiences with them)! Congratulations!!!

  7. So happy for you, Helaine & Doppler! Isn’t it a wonderful feeling knowing you’re giving that sweet little pup a second chance? I am sure all three of you will be very happy and it’s true what they say about shelter dogs – they seem to have a sense of gratefulness. Please keep us posted on the male and if your friend adopts him. It’d be wonderful if those two get to see each other again!

  8. Geoff,

    I am so happy for all of you. We have a female Maltese who brings such joy and fun to our lives. We have boarded Sydney many times at Paws Pet Resort in Cheshire. She has stayed in the mini mansions and also in her own private suite which did have a camera where we could go on-line and see her while we were away on vac. If you look them up on line you can see if any dogs in the suites are there on camra. They also have open time daily to play with each other and many walks. I feel very comfortable boarding her there. When we got her our intent was to crate her in our bedroom at night. Of course she cried and we gave in, she now thinks our bed is her’s too. Be prepared for lots of kisses and laying on your laps. They truly love the attention and affection. Again, I wish you the best of luck and can’t wait to hear the stories about Doppler. Great name by the way.

  9. Geoff, I have a crate you can borrow if you don’t find one by Friday. Its probably too big for Doppler, but you could always block off part of it. My beloved black lab used it, and its been sitting in my garage for years. I will have another dog sometime, but not till I retire (or win Powerball). You can message me on FB if you are interested. And I work across the street from you in Hartford, too, so delivery would be easy.

  10. What an exciting time, Geoff! I can see why you fell in love with her….just looking at her makes me smile. Can’t wait to see her homecoming photos.

  11. Helaine, Bigger isn’t always better. Pups don’t like to “do their duty” where they sleep but if there’s too much room they will be more likely to use one end of the crate for sleeping and the other end for you know what. A smaller crate will help the little guy learn to ask to go outside when mother nature calls. All the best with your expanding family! Hit Three Dog Bakery in West Hartford for some stocking stuffer!!!!

  12. Congratulations and good luck with Doppler. Sounds like you have everything in order for your new arrival. Don’t forget, toy, toys, and more toys…..(ok…a treat or two thrown in for good measure).

  13. Geoff, I’m very happy that you rescued a shelter dog. They are truly the best. I hope to see you walking her in the neighborhood soon. Good luck to you, Helaine & Dopper. And happy holidays.

  14. Way more advice than warranted, but I’m gonna do it anyway. Feel free to skip. As the pack leaders of MANY rescue doggies, this is what we do.

    We found that a big folding crate, with more than enough room to turn around in is just right. Most large crates come with a divider wall to temporarily restrict the space. We use a small washable soft cloth pad with raised edges that fits into the restricted area. Some of our dogs do not like them–the pups tend to avoid pads and would rather cuddle.

    When the doggie is properly house-trained, we removed the divider, and then the pad gets pushed to the back of the crate. In the evening, after dinner and time for bed, we cover the crate at least on three sides and the top to provide some draft protection and a more den-like environment. Because we have multiple dogs, we feed in the crate to avoid poaching and allow diet control. One of the pups is a bit fat, mainly because he NEVER misses a meal. The other will skip if he is not hungry.

    The only thing I would reccomend on food is to examine the ingredient list carefully, and do not buy anything that lists corn as an ingredient. Dogs (and people) cannot digest corn grits–its in there as a cheap filler. I use the Nutro line of food, typcally the small bites variety, because my dogs are small–what you use depends on what is readily available in your area and what your preference is. ANY commercial food that does not contain corn as an ingredient will work fine. I would suggest finding out what the dog ate at the shelter, and gradually changing off that to whatever you prefer. And, as usual DO NOT use rawhide ‘bones’ they can cause intestinal blockages in small dogs…and since my middle son and his wife are both veterinarians, I tend to believe they know what they are talking about.

    Treats and ‘people food’ should be given in very small amounts–like under an ounce per day. And be SUPER careful that Doppler does not get into grapes, alcohol or chocolate–all are toxic to dogs.

    Be sure you have a veterinarian you can trust–before you need them!

    And, as we all do, love your dog–he looks cute and cuddly!!

  15. On the subject of doggie car seats–seriously any dog riding in a care should be safely secured–we either travel in smallish crates that are seat-belted in, or the dog wears a harness with a padded chest piece that connects to a seat belt. If you either jam brakes, or actually hit something, and unrestrained dog becomes a hazard to itself and others in the car, and an injured dog is a hazard to first responders trying to help you.

    Dogs, like kids, should always be properly secured in a vehicle at all times.

    Our crazy dogs love to travel, and our main issue is keeping them out of the car–if they get into the garage with me, they love to jump in to go for a ride.

  16. Geoff
    Ask cheryl about mannie and farley, my dachsunds. They run the house. I speak the minority language in my home. Da boyz said to give doppler cookies and belly scrstches. I have known cheryl for many years. I know wilburt will have a great home love and hugs to all and hope roxie is doing well

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