The Best News About Doppler

The truth is local shelters have lots of dogs who would love to come home with you. Not every dog is appropriate for every family, but it’s worth looking.

If you’re just joining us Helaine and I are adopting a dog. We are grateful to the folks from the ‘pound’ in Wallingford who found Charlotte and her brother Wilbur abandoned in a baseball dugout. The entrance to the dugout was blocked to keep them from getting free. It’s a pretty awful story.

I haven’t seen the pictures taken when the two pups arrived at the shelter, but I’m told they’re heartbreaking. That’s all behind them now.

Friday Charlotte becomes Doppler and joins the Fox family. But what about Wilbur?

I just got the good news that our friends Steve and Cheryl are adopting Wilbur who will henceforth be known as Bentley! How cool is that?

With Bentley and Doppler so close they’ll be able to get together for playdates and the occasional sleepover.

Bentley joins his new family Friday as well.

We think these dogs are around a year old, but aren’t sure. Originally Helaine suggested we celebrate Doppler’s birthday November 29. She’d done the research and found that’s Christian Doppler‘s birthday.

Later this afternoon Stef suggested we go with the day Doppler joins us. Perfect. From now on Doppler’s birthday is November 18! Cheryl told me it will be Bentley’s too.

I spoke to Cheryl this evening as she was buying supplies at Petco. She was excited… elated. She told me when she mentioned adoption the Petco associate gave her a coupon book with discounts for the things she’s definitely buying today.

I am told all you have to do is ask to get one. Way to go Petco.

Some people are surprised we were able to get such a really sweet dog locally at the animal shelter. I am one of them!

The truth is local shelters have lots of dogs who would love to come home with you. Not every dog is appropriate for every family, but it’s worth looking.

We are indebted to the folks in Wallingford who saw the inner beauty in these two scruffy mutts and treated them with love and respect until they found homes.

More to come.

24 thoughts on “The Best News About Doppler”

  1. Adoption Day is the day to celebrate! I’m so happy for you and Helaine. Doppler already looks like a happy little girl. That smile is worth a million bucks!!!

  2. Im so happy the other sweetie was adopted too! I knew he/she wouldn’t last long after your post!
    The Wlfd animal shelter took wonderful care of my cat when he was lost and I thought to look there for him. I showed them his picture and they said very shocked “I think we have your cat”!

  3. My parents adopted a black lab from the pound in Wallingford in 2004 – she was also about a year old and found abandoned. They found her with her sister so they called them Laverne & Shirley – we took Shirley, who is now known as Charley 🙂

  4. hooray! so glad that your close friends are adopting her brother. they are young, but i am sure have formed a close bond. I’m glad they will be able to have playdates so frequently. hopefully they will both adjust well to their new homes.

  5. It’s wonderful that her brother is also being adopted – and they’ll be able to have play dates and overnights! Such a sad start in the dugout but what a great new life they’ll both be starting on Friday! Congrats to all of you!

  6. I love this story!! There are TONS of wonderful dogs to be adopted at all shelters. My shelter pup is sleeping on me as I type!

    So happy for you, Helaine, your friends and those two little pups!!


  7. Nice. My “shelter dog” and I now have our AKC Canine Good Citizen’s Award, and have become a pet therapy team via the Delta Society. He’s an amazing guy that makes his handler look smart.
    Way to go Geoff….I hear a celebration comimg up this weekend!!!!
    Thanks for giving her a “forever home”….

  8. We rescued our cocker spaniel when he was given up to the vet by her first owners, so we know his birthday. We call the day we adopted him his “gotcha day.” So his birthday is Sept. 1 and his gotcha day is June 24. He is Frankie and he is 7 now. How quickly these children grow up!!!!!
    I am so happy that Doppler and Bentley were both adopted and can see each other. I suspect they have a history together.

  9. I am so happy for all of you–and for Doppler and Bentley too!!
    I remember writing you after you lost Ivy telling you that the day would come when some cute little puppy would come along and steal your heart and that day has come!! Enjoy your new companion!

  10. Hi Geoff,

    My daughter Gabrielle is 9. She was adopted. Many adoptive families celebrate “Gottcha-day”

    It’s perfectly acceptable to celebrate that with our four-legged children as well!!

    Best if luck.. And congrats on your new family member!!


  11. Makes me smile, because it reminds me of my Mom, who loved seeing your Ivy with you on the news… you’ll have to continue that tradition with Doppler…

  12. I literally have tears in my eyes reading your blog and all the comments…just wonderful…. and how nice it is to read good news. Congratulations!

  13. Sounds like maybe you just found your built in babysitter……Bentley and Doppler can swap services for sitting……..and get to hang out… for all !

    I agree, there are plenty of dogs in shelter that need homes…..EVERYONE should look there first…….

  14. ABSOLUTELY people should look at the local pounds and rescue agencies…SO, so glad you guys did. Was waiting for good new about Wilbur/Bentley!!!!!

  15. Aw, your blog posts about Doppler make me tear up!! It’s a happy pairing for all involved! Very happy Wilbur (now Bentley) will be adopted too.

    There are LOTS of wonderful dogs at shelters and pounds! I found a wonderful 2-year-old toy poodle at a local shelter 2 years ago. He’s my little sidekick, and he looks alot like your Doppler!

    Thing is… folks seeking smaller dogs need to be sure to ask, since small dogs may be housed in a different location at the shelter. My little dog was in the shelter clinic being treated for a skin condition — his family surrendered him because of his allergies (which are now well-controlled, thanks to our wonderful vet). I wouldn’t have known he was available for adoption had I not asked about availability of small dogs.

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