Some Of My Best Friends Are Republicans

Look at these candidates and understand why you shouldn’t get engaged on the first date!

Between work and home news is a nearly constant companion. I watch and read too much news! That’s especially true pre-Iowa when I’m watching the dance for the Republican presidential nomination. Look at these candidates and understand why you shouldn’t get engaged on the first date!

Tucker Carlson, a man with whom I share virtually no opinions put his finger on it yesterday while referencing Tea Party influence on Republicans.

I think it’s had a huge effect, and its biggest effect that almost no one ever mentions is that the Tea Party destroyed the Republican establishment.

Yes, Tucker. Though you’re still a weasel.

Look who’s running? There have been brief love affairs with Bachman, Trump, Perry, Cain and now Newt (forgive me–I love that I can call a man Newt). Each is dogmatically pure, but carries more baggage than a luggage store!

Gingrich has mostly been given a pass from the press. He’s now viable. He will now be scrutinized.

It will be interesting to see if Republicans agree he was hired post-Congress because he was a valuable historian.

Why would a sane person with middle-of-the-road or even slightly right-of-center leanings try for this nomination? You have to be ant-science, anti-tax, anti-compromise and the right kind of Christian. You have to pander to groups which hold much power at this stage of the process, but only a fraction in the general election.

It’s not that the Republican Party hasn’t had good ideas. They just can’t be brought out now because they won’t appeal to conservative Iowans and the farthest right.

The part of this primary process that boggles my mind is how many of the party’s most faithful are working against their own best interests. It’s tough to see how they benefit from the policies that are championing.

I am decidedly liberal progressive. I admit that. This isn’t about my desire for Republicans to adopt my philosophy. It’s just my wonderment why they aren’t trying to maximize their chances of winning?

John Huntsman scares me the most as the president’s opponent. He could be attractive to mainstream independent voters. He’s got no traction with Republicans.

It’s all very curious. Is having a philosophically pure candidate who can’t win in November the goal?

In many ways (manny, many ways) I have been disappointed by President Obama, but he doesn’t scare me. Some of these candidates do.

11 thoughts on “Some Of My Best Friends Are Republicans”

  1. Fear should never be a driving force in any decision. Both parties have always used fear as a constant driver of emotional decision making. But. Obama was selling hope. So he won. Then he sold the country by increasing the debt over 4 trillion. Time to brave. Time to understand the broad strokes and labels of political parties are soiled in the emotions of fear. We need not be fearful. We are just broke. We have no money. We all presided over giving it way and borrowing it away. This is not fear. It is fact. One should never fear a fact. Fact is the Republicans will spend less money. But they never did. Fact so why trust them now factbis Democrats never can spend less money. Fact is We are screwed. Who really cares about the labels.

  2. Your last thought reflects mine perfectly – “In many ways (manny, many ways) I have been disappointed by President Obama, but he doesn’t scare me. Some of these candidates do.” I like Obama – knew he would be the scapegoat for Bush, who left Obama to clean up the chaos, and knew without a doubt he would be beat up for falling short. I don’t think any one person from either party, working w/an obstinate Congress, could have taken office and kept the economic/political/diplomatic storm from it’s downward spiral. That being said, Obama will be the only one held responsible for every disappointment and catastrophe that has happened during his and Bush’s tenure. Senators and Representatives from both parties share the blame. Until our “party” system learns to work as a team, there will be no winners – especially the American people who are held hostage by their tactics. Maybe we should drop the donkeys/elephants so that they can pick their gang colors, red or blue, a more precise depiction of Congress. Presidents Bush (Sr) and Clinton have worked together for humanitarian purposes; too bad either House refuses to do the same. Then maybe we can truly live up to our name – The UNITED States of America.

  3. Well, he scares Me. His run in 2008 was not altogether on the up and up, either. He ran differently than he is governing. And…as for his policies on Israel…well, he had us all on that one! Nope, I will vote Republican this time…no matter who they run….well, maybe not Ron Paul!

  4. I agree, the republicans are all scary, but Obama is soooo disappointing that I wish Mrs. Clinton would challange him to a primary.

  5. Given that the country isn’t particularly happy with either party right now, it wouldn’t shock me to see a 3rd party candidate win the election. If someone like Ross Perot came along and put together a strong, well financed bid….

    (Note that I’m not talking about Perot running again, I mean someone else putting together the sort of support and backing Perot had in 92.)

  6. P. S. Don’t call people you do not like. Names. You are too smart. Too successful and better than ! You may not agree with Tucker. But the guy is not a weasel. I mean look. Some peeps say that about car dealers if ya catch my drift

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