Doppler: The Pound Puppy Comes Home

It didn’t take long before she plopped down on an Afghan and took a nap!

We have a dog! Doppler has joined the Foxes. We drove to the Wallingford pound early this afternoon to rescue her. This was Helaine’s first chance to meet her and it was love at first sight!

We took care of the formalities hopped in the car and headed right to Petco. There were supplies to buy.

Doppler had been reasonably calm in the shelter, but as we drove away she became a little tense. Can you blame her? New surroundings. Strange people. Her last few traveling experiences hadn’t been joyous.

We bought a collar and leash, food, toys, sweater (to go with the sweater that came in a goody bag that came with Doppler), bed and a few other things. We started with her in the shopping cart, but as the cart filled up she was picked up and carried.

We also bought an engraved ID tag. You can get them a lot cheaper on EBay, but watching it get etched in a machine was worth the extra few bucks.

We got in the car and headed home. Doppler took this trip on Helaine’s lap. She was starting to calm down–the dog, not Helaine. Helaine will take a while longer.

We know a little bit about our new family member. She is calm and reserved. It didn’t take long before she plopped down on an Afghan and took a nap!

She is curious, but she doesn’t seem to want to put things in her mouth.

No accidents yet. It’s likely she’s house trained, though not our house. I expect that will take a little time.

She barked a little when we first saw her at the pound. She hasn’t barked since and that includes a pizza delivery preceded by a doorbell ring!

With Doppler just sprung from prison we thought a quick check-up at the vet was in order.

She weighs nine pounds. Just right we are told. Her eyes and ears are clear of obstructions. That’s good too.

There’s a little problem with one tooth and an exposed gum. That’s not a major deal, but it allowed the vet to guess at Doppler’s age. He thinks she’s four or five. Our guess was she was one.


Doppler is a good jumper! She walked up to the sofa, eyed it briefly and then without a pause levitated herself up. She didn’t ‘just’ make it. She has more jump in reserve!

As I type this Doppler is next to Helaine on the sofa. She is sound asleep.

We could not have asked for more! Doppler is sweet as can be. She has the disposition and temperament we were hoping for.

Welcome home Doppler.

22 thoughts on “Doppler: The Pound Puppy Comes Home”

  1. Aw! She is too dang cute! So glad you guys adopted and not bought a pedigree! (not that there is anything wrong with pedigree, but lots of critters at the shelters!)

  2. As I read this all I could do was smile. I am SO happy for you and Helaine. Dogs are the best! I hope you all have a wonderful life together!

  3. Well Done. In two weeks, she’ll own you, your wife, the house and all that visit her domain. Congratulations. Hopefully her brother will visit soon. Keep the toys coming…

  4. Doppler will wind herself around your heart and love you and Helaine forever. It is THE BEST feeling. She’s adorable. Mazel Tov.

  5. What happened to her brother? It would have been good to keep them together as they have both been through alot. She is adorable. Best of luck.

  6. Congratulations Geoff. Doppler is a real cutie. I admire the fact that you rescued her. I adopted a dog when he was five and I received many years of love from him. Rescued dogs seem to know that you chose them and they appreciate that. Enjoy your little love dog. She’s lucky to have you both.

  7. Why am I crying as I read this? She’s a lucky dog. You’re wonderful people for taking her into your family. I can tell you are already madly in love with her. She will follow suit shortly!

  8. Wow! Five years already! I’m so glad its gone so well. You’ve been through a lot together, new jobs, a major move and now your cancer. Dogs are such a great comfort. They help us heal too. I’ve lost two in the past year. Now we have none. I haven’t been dogless in decades. Looking forward to another. I wish you many more years with Doppler.

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