This Isn’t A Good Dog. This Is A Great Dog.

She’s adorable–sure. She’s also gentle and well behaved. This isn’t a good dog. This is a great dog.

Our new family member Doppler is a gem. She’s also housebroken! We discovered that tonight when Helaine took her upstairs to go to bed. Doppler obviously wasn’t ready.

While Helaine was washing up and I sat watching TV Doppler paced. Something was bothering her. Finally she jumped off the bed and headed downstairs. I followed.

Doppler’s only been in the family since 1:00 this afternoon, but I’ve already gotten used to her pace. Now she was moving faster. She knew I was behind her. She wanted to lose me.

She took a left then another left toward the kitchen. I caught up with her in a back room behind the family room.

I’ve seen this behavior in dogs before. She was looking for a place to go. She was looking for privacy.

I carried her to the front door attached her leash and walked her to the lawn where she quickly did her business.

I brought her back upstairs to Helaine, but five minutes they were both in the hall again heading toward the stairs. Doppler was still restless.

Helaine wondered if she just didn’t want to sleep in the bed?

This time Helaine took her outside where Doppler completed the cycle. In two brief trips outside she performed a three!

That was over two hours ago. I haven’t heard a sound since.

Doppler wouldn’t go to sleep at first because she knew she had to go potty. She understood what she could and couldn’t do in the bedroom. She only headed downstairs because I didn’t catch her clues.

Someone spent the time and effort necessary to train her.

Who dumped this dog? What kind of creep threw this beautiful animal out in the cold and then blocked her exit?

She’s adorable–sure. She’s also gentle and well behaved. This isn’t a good dog. This is a great dog.

I just don’t get it. How was this dog abandoned?

We are glad she’s with us. We’re also puzzled.

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  1. I have worked with dogs my whole life so I’ve heard a lot of stories. It could be that Doppler belonged to an elderly person who loved her very much but then either passed or was placed in a nursing home. The family didn’t want to be bothered with the dog so they just abandoned her. You’d be dismayed at how often this happens. I have a little one named Arlo whose owners apparently skipped rent in the middle of the night and just left him in the yard. The neighborhood kids brought him to me (at two in the morning!). Last year we began painting the living room and packed up some stuff to get it out of the way. As soon as we went to bed, Arlo would begin pacing, panting and shaking. Poor thing was petrified that we were going to leave him in the middle of the night too. There was no comforting him. We had to unpack the boxes. It is so sad what some people do to animals. I am glad that Doppler has found a loving home!

    1. That is an amazing story Susie! God bless you! I can see we have an angel amongst us. I am sure all your rescues feel the same!

  2. Animals know when they are loved and they return that love a thousand fold. She has found a “forever home” and she will have a “forever home” in your hearts. This is the best “Win Win” you can get..Many it be a long and happy union !!!

  3. Could it be that whom ever blocked her in did it so that she wouldn’t get loose and hit by a car? Knowing that she would be found soon? I’d like to think that is the case.

    Still a rotten thing to do to any animal.

  4. Geoff, I’ve been excited all week to see Doppler’s photo. My wife and I have two rescues, one from the North Haven Animal Shelter and one from Protectors of Animals. The shelter rescue was an 8 week old pup, the light of my life at one year old now. The other one we got late August from POA. She’s estimated 7-8 years old and was found in the street weighing 5.2 lbs, Italian Greyhound. She is not the classic beauty, but I think she’s wonderful. The sweetest, gentle, loving disposition. We were just going to foster her during Hurricane Irene…. well, there was no giving her back. This is why she was abandoned.. all her teeth needed to be pulled, which POA had done before we took her home. Plus, she needed surgery to close two holes in her mouth where food was going into her sinuses. That part wasn’t known until after adoption. I’ve actually cried at the thought of this defenseless, sweet little lady all by herself. We can tell she had to forage for herself for a period of time because every time we drive past fast food places she perks up and sniffs madly. That thought kills me. She took some time to trust she was home… and now after 10 weeks she knows she’s home. She sleeps every night under our covers and fits in the crook of my arm while sleeping.
    I’ll never understand why people buy from breeders and stores. They are perpetuating an awful industry.
    There are millions of Gracie’s ( my POA girl) and Doppler’s in the world.
    Thank you from the bottom of my heart for making Doppler a part of your family and many years of love ahead.

  5. 🙂 You are most definitely a saint for adopting. And to answer your question about who would abandon such a dog? An idiot. A coward. The cruelest of the cruel human beings. Because if they fell on hard times and couldn’t afford their care anymore, they should have known they could take the animals to a shelter, as hard as it would have been. It’s unbelievable to think that someone could be so cruel to an animal. And so glad to hear she’s so smart, and sounds so sweet. That’s your reward for adopting her, I’m sure she’s so dang happy right now. 🙂

    1. Unfortunately you have to do some research before taking your animals to a shelter. I lost my home in 2005 and had to find a place for two dogs because no one would rent to me with them and I was facing homelessness. I gave one to a family member and placed one in our local shelter and they were going to euthanize her until volunteers stepped in to save her.
      Some shelters will not accept surrenders, and some, like Bridgeport say on their website that surrenders will be euthanized the same day. I would imagine that most pet owners would not call that a solution unless, of course they are heartless.

      1. 🙁 well, that sucks. I can see why shelters wouldn’t be so welcoming to surrenders but there’s got to be a better way.

  6. Apparently Doppler is training her people well :). I agree with the above thought that who ever blocked them in wanted them to be safe. If they were just dumped they would be out running around. Good luck and i look forward to more Doppler adventures!

  7. It sounds like you’ve got a real sweetie and lifetime-partner. I’m certain she’ll learn to love you very quickly as you all get used to each other. She already is thanking you for her rescue. I enjoy your posts and look forward to many years hearing of Doppler’s antics. Maybe one day she can visit CTFox and be with her Daddy for the weather forecast. Let us know in advance when she’ll be there so we don’t miss seeing her on the show with you. BTW, she’s adorable!!

  8. No wonder you fell in love with this dog, her face is priceless. You take amazing pics Geoff, especially of animals! You seem to capture their essence and personality on film….or should I say an sd card!

  9. She was abandoned because the person she was with wasn’t her bashert. You and Helaine are. The universe needed to right the wrong. And here she is. Bless her and bless you and your wife for adopting her. She’s a beautiful dog and the love you already have for her is so evident in your writing! I was thinking about you and Doppler all day yesterday!! (in fact, as I was playing with our office cat after lunch, I mentioned you to my friend. That would have been about 1pm…)

  10. I suggest having the house modified for a dog door. Just be prepared for the incredulous looks and comments from the contractor who you ask to cut the hole in the wall and relocate the radiator to be sure the dog is comfortable. You should be able to build the ramp for the dog on the outside yourself. The dog will love it and the nightly trips are automatic. We ended up building a deck which did the trick also.

    Oh, You might want to consider one with a radio controlled door which opens based on the transponder on Doppler’s collar. Does avoid the occasional skunk incursion.

  11. Geoff – She sounds like she truly is housetrained. However, get her in a routine quickly – taking her out at the same time every morning, afternoon, evening, etc.

    When we brought our beagle home, she didn’t have an accident in the house for a full week…then it started happening! What we realized is that she was never in a house and didn’t know anything other than doing her business outside since that is where she spent all of her time. Once she was comfortable in the house, she thought it was okay to do it inside. Luckily, we broke her of that quickly…catching her in the act was all it took for her to realize it was wrong.

    Good luck! So happy a great dog is with great people 🙂

  12. Geoff she is so cute. I have three dogs and love them all. I don’t know how people can be so cruel to animals it makes me
    sick but some people are sick and they just don’t care. People
    do the same things to babies and children it just makes you think
    how sad to hurt something some helpless. I wish I could take
    them all in but I can’t 3 is my limit.

  13. Geoff,
    You wondered how someone could just toss aside a gentle soul. It is puzzling. Good!  The day it is no longer puzzling, would be a sad day for a compassionate human soul. Be grateful it’s puzzling, that means you’re a goodie! 🙂

    Daily those of us at the Wallingford Animal shelter, and those at countless other shelters, witness the plight of the abandoned and neglected.

    We gaze into their beautiful amber, crystal blue, clear green or liquid brown eyes and we acknowledge them with the love they severely seek. 

    The old saying “there are no bad dogs, just bad owners,” is trite yet SO true. 

    Folks are sometimes afraid to adopt from pounds or shelters as there is this underlying myth that they are adopting a soul that was discarded due to bad behavior. When most often the truth is they are adopting a love that sadly began life with a badly behaved Owner.

    I have read the comments on your blog.  My heart was especially touched by a poster named Sheryl. She penned that you and Helaine were Dopplers “Bashert,” the Yiddish word for destiny. She went on to say “the universe needed to right the wrong.”. 

    Oh, how I love poster Sheryl for writing that comment. I have tucked it into my heart.  She does not know the good she does!  I am grateful for her words.

    For even the most abused newbies still perk up with searching eyes and heart when I open the kennel door … They are wondering if it’s their people coming to get them. It takes about two weeks before they glean they aren’t coming. Still, it hurts my heart.  Dog is God spelled backwards – I believe it’s due to their reflection of pure, unconditional love. Even if the owner lacks. 

    My staff, Rachel, Dean, Marci, and I love and adore our furry guests. Soon they are alert and happy to see us at the open kennel door.  For they know we love them. 

    Folks often say to us ” I could never work here, I care TOO much!”. Ah, okay – I smile and nod … Still, I know that caring TOO much isn’t the bliss of ignorance – rather it IS taking their pain onto your own beating heart in an effort to save them. It’s something we all do, because we care TOO much. 

    I always whisper in the soft ears of the incoming … “trust us, we will find you LOVE like you haven’t known” and we do.  I often ask folks to pray for the abandoned at red lights. Pray for great homes. The red light is simply wasted time waiting – yet it is also a reminder to send out prayers or good energy for the millions of voiceless furries. I truly believe it helps!

    I know you never witnessed Doppler’s before photos, if you ever want me to,  I will share them … So you can fully glean this happy Cinderella ending. She has gone from the worst to the best!  The pain is behind her now – so the photos, albeit horrid, are also happy due to the transformation from lack of care – to love of heart.

    I am over the moon that your friends Cheryl and Steve adopted Wilber/Bentley!  His is a true “Cinder-fella” story. They are also truly beautiful and loving people! Thank you for sending them our way! I simply Love them!!! 

    Our gift at the shelter is the gift of knowing, in our heart of hearts, that we no longer have to worry about this duo. God knows we have a never ending supply of “kids” to worry about. The happy endings make all the pain worth while!

    Folks should know we get every breed. If they have a wish list they should let us know. It will come.

    We have dogs, cats, birds, rabbits, ferrets, turtles – we even had a cow … I keep waiting for that elusive “unicorn” to present itself one day. 🙂

    Your voice as a local celebrity Geoff Fox, will do wonders to promote the countless souls incarcerated – due to no fault of their own.  I always say, there is an old sock for every old shoe – we  just have to find the fit. I think Doppler fits just right – and wee Bentley does too. 🙂

    Your voice in telling about Doppler, I am certain, will help countless. I thank you from the top, bottom and middle of my heart.

    Blessings and Thanks, 

    Lisa – Wallingford Animal Shelter

    If you have men who will exclude any of God’s creatures from the shelter of compassion and pity, you will have men who will deal likewise with their fellow men.  ~ St. Francis of Assisi 

    1. Lisa, you made me cry. (it’s not hard these days, apparently!) I love dogs but as a single middle aged woman who’s not in the best of health, I don’t really have the energy to properly care for a dog. So I have a cat. (Middle aged single women are supposed to have a cat, right? LOL) But the truth is, it’s the same thing. As I type this, my beloved Ellie is asleep next to me. I rub her belly occasionally with my left hand, and she comes in and out of sleep, stretching occasionally. She purrs in her sleep, content,trusting and loving. I am Ellie’s bashert. I truly believe that. And Geoff and Helaine are Doppler’s. Taking a pet into your home is a lifetime commitment. You are making a promise to that animal to love him or her for better or worse, in sickness and health, til death (usually theirs, unfortunately) do you part. I nursed a cat for 2.5 years through chronic kidney failure with 3x/week fluid injections, a daily blood pressure pill and special food. She began to fail right around the time I started my chemotherapy in 2008 and I had to put her down in early December, the day after my 3rd chemo treatment. I was an emotional mess, fighting for my own life, and I had to end the life of the one I loved the most. I grieved for 2 months. Then a friend of mine involved in feline rescue found a 6 month old-ish kitten out on the street, in February, 10 degrees outside. She was filthy and freezing, but when my friend picked her up, she got a strong vibe from my previous cat–telling her this new kitten was meant to be mine. When she casually mentioned her find on FB, I replied without even thinking. Sight unseen, I named her after my Mom. By the time I met her, I was already in love with the idea of her. It was love at first sight for both of us. The day she came home with me, she jumped up on the back of the couch and made herself right at home. and we are living happily ever after. I was her bashert. My previous cat sent her to me, knowing I needed her as much as Ellie needed me. I truly believe this. Thank you, Lisa, for your kind, kind words about my comment. I’m taken aback. People who rescue animals are a special kind of person. And the kind of people I like to be around! God bless you and your staff for the work you do for the animals in Wallingford. Have a blessed holiday season!

  14. She is a beautiful dog and you are so lucky she’s well-trained to do her business. It’s not easy but once it’s done it’s wonderful and makes life much easier! I wouldn’t dwell on her past, just be thankful that you found each other and give this precious animal a wonderful home and love she deserves.

  15. Lisa’s post above makes me feel blessed that there are good people like her in this world. We have had such beautiful rescue animals and I’m always so thankful to the people who helped us adopt them. They gave our animals hope when they had none and encourage us to “take the plunge!” Let’s hear it for the shelter angels!!! 😀 <3

  16. Geoff if you are looking for a great trainer and play sessions,may I recommend paws and affects off sherman in hamden. I think it is right around the cirner from cheryls. I used to work with her at NW when they were on skiff. I broght mannie and farley both to oaws and affects. Great place. By the way hope for great westher for thursday. Group from cheshire involved in macys parade as vehicle balloon drivers-,i sm driving kung fu oanda and others are balloon handkers. Pleasegive Doppler belly scratches and bentley too from my boyz. Dee

  17. Sheryl,

    I’ve read your words and would love to respond. Please contact me, @ I loath using Geoff’s blog to contact you, but alas, I know no other way. Forgive me Geoff. I would also like to say that I only perused the Geoff Fox site after he adopted Doppler. Suffice to say I am now a huge fan! I’m amazed by his intellect, humor and photography skills. He hit the jackpot when God was handing out gifts. I always adored him as the weather man but who knew there was so much more!

  18. gods creatures are just that. be blessed he sent you such a good looking pet and house broken. dont worry why the people abandoned the pooch. be glad you were there to rescue her . and as i who own a small dog , rember they have a big dog personalitry , and are easier to live with and easier to train . enjoy the blessing god gave you instead of cursing the people who would obviously have been terrible owners , be glad they abandoned the blessing in your life

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