Is The October Snowstorm Really Over?

I can’t tell you exactly what will make this wood fall, but it will.

It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood. There’s now more opportunity for me to notice that while walking Doppler. I looked up in the trees, now nearly leaf free, and noticed something that really concerned me. Many are tenuously holding broken branches or have large limbs on the verge of breaking.

Storms and tree damage are a part of the natural rhythm of nature. What’s unusual is how many wounded trees I see.

I am not an arborist. This isn’t my expertise. I can’t tell you exactly what will make this wood fall, but it will.

I’d hate to see a repeat of October 29-30.

11 thoughts on “Is The October Snowstorm Really Over?”

  1. The DOT has been working on removing broken limbs and such along the highways. Guess it would behoove CLP or town crews to do some removal as well before we get into another mess. You could address that on air…….???

  2. I’ve seen plenty of tree clearing crews around Meriden clearing up the branches that people have put in the side of the road, but on broad street there is a large tree with a huge limb hanging from it, looking like a bouquet at a wedding still with leaves stuck too it. I’ve mentioned it too the tree people but its not their job apparently. I’m worried if it falls it could do some damage to property and/or people but nobody seems to care or know who’s responsibility it is to remove it.

  3. We got a letter from CL&P a couple of weeks before the snow storm about trimming the trees. They never came out. They still haven’t come out. People in Glastonbury have piled branches by the roadside (often dangerously in the road) hoping that the town will decide to pick them up and do it before the snow falls. So the hanging branches remain there at our peril.

  4. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound (or 11 pounds in some cases!) of cure. Let’s hope the utility companies learned a valuable lesson from the Halloween freak storm debacle!

    On another note, how was Doppler’s first night in her new home?

  5. We had the exact same thing at the end of our driveway. Broken tree top hanging over the wires. Called CL&P and they had a crew out and took care of it. Preventative maintenance. It’s a good thing. Give them a call.

  6. I heard from some friends of mine in Manchester and East Hartford that there are still a lot of piles of branches in yards etc. I guess town public works crews are still scrambling to get a lot of it cleaned up. My youngest son was visiting friends that area last weekend and said some areas still look like “war zones”.

  7. I work in Public Works. The guys are working harder than you know to get the piles of debris on the side of the road cleaned up. The last thing any of them wants is for more snow to fall before they can finish cleaning up. We get calls about broken, hanging tree limbs on a daily basis. If they’re in the Town’s right of way, we’ll take care of them. State roads fall under CT DOT. And anything that’s near wires is a matter for the power company. Just a bit of info!

  8. DOT was clearing along Rt. 80 in Guilford today. I paid a large sum to have a similar job done in my yard. My street still has broken trees on the pavement. God knows where it will end up when the plows come out.

  9. Man, you want wounded trees? I live right across the street from Cedar Mountain in Newington, and since all the leaves are gone, the trees look grotesquely bent out of proportion.

    Incredibly depressing.

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