Doppler: Now I Have The Photos

The vet said it was bar none, one of the worst cases he’d ever seen.

I’ve traded emails over the last day with Lisa at the Wallingford pound where we got Doppler. Though I’m happy Doppler’s with us (and her brother Bentley is with our friends Cheryl and Steve) I am getting more-and-more upset by the treatment these dogs received before they were rounded up.

Lisa wrote:

The vet said it was bar none, one of the worst cases he’d ever seen.

Helaine asked I not publish the ‘before’ pics. They are disturbing.

Bentley was the worst – his poop was trapped to his skin due to his matted fur. His entire back end was ulcerated. 🙁

Doppler was such a mass of knots we could not determine her front end from her back end with ease.

As far as we can tell there’s no lasting sign of Doppler’s mistreatment. Dogs live in the moment.

There’s nothing wrong with getting a dog that’s been bred for sale. Roxie, Stef’s oversized mini dachshund, is an AKC registered pup. However, if you just want a dog to love there are plenty of them locally at shelters. Like Doppler they clean up good!

Cheryl wrote me earlier this evening.

My eyes filled up with tears of joy that we adopted these little ones, and even though the remaining dogs there need homes, I really feel they have one with those WONDERFUL , caring people that work there and love those dogs like they were their own.

She is talking about Lisa, Dean and the rest of the folks in Wallingford. I couldn’t agree more.

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  1. It is sad how people treat animals……very sad. Thank goodness for the angels that rescue them, and the angels that adopt them!

  2. Geoff — thank you for going to the local shelter to adopt. Although they say dogs live in the moment, I’m not sure I agree. We have 2 rescues in our house (always have rescue pets), they are the most loving, gentle pets and I believe they do remember and, more importantly, they know they are now in a safe place, with owners who care as much about them as they do their owners. You won’t find a more dedicated pet, then your rescue…

  3. It is really sad….and when you check out the number of hopeful faces in your local shelter at any given time…multiply those faces by the number of communities in CT, and then multiply that by the number of communities nationwide…the math just keeps going….BUT…the loving heroes who do step up to the plate to help out however they can, helps add a titch of balance to a sad situation. The folks who rescue critters from hopeless situations, the folks who dedicate their time and energy to caring for them and then folks like you who bring one or two home are, as Doris says….the ANGELS….

  4. I have the before photos of our 2 rescues and they are appalling. But, you are right….dogs live in the moment. Our 2 are the most loved and pampered in the world. They, in turn, turn on the charm and give us such special love. Rescuing is a complete act of love with the greatest rewards. And damn, you just feel so good. If I could rescue several more, I would. Enjoy Doppler so much. You’ll eventually get another….marks my words, Geoff!

  5. thank you for not posting the “before” pix. I wouldn’t have looked if you had. Bad enough I know animal abuse exists, but I can’t see it. It just hurts too much.

  6. Thank you for not publishing the pics of their abuse. I know abuse exists in many forms and I’ve seen enough to just imagine the horror. It disturbs me. I’d rather think of Doppler as she is in the pics you have posted. So glad her brother and her will be getting together often. Congrats Geoff and Helaine.

  7. Geoff, it’s difficult not to be angry at the mistreatment of animals however dwelling on it isn’t going to help – ACTION always speaks louder than words. I also don’t agree that animals live in the moment, I have a rescue cat who lived in a cage most of his life because he was labeled as “aggressive” so of course no one wanted him. I adopted him 6 years ago and he is the most loving, gentle, easy going guy I’ve ever had! He actually walks with me everyday and people are stunned when they see him not taking off, he is always by my side. Where I once saw sorrow in this cat’s eyes, now I see contentment and that makes it all worthwhile!

  8. Geoff, since becoming involved in “The Patrick Miracle” (Google it) I have seen the most appalling pictures of animal cruelty. I can’t even tell you the stuff people do to these furry angels…it is violent and perverted. I have tried to make a small difference by writing some letters and e-mailing the folks in charge of seeing that justice is done to these human scum. As jane says above, action helps both animal and human (me). I have also tried to find a turn-off switch so I can sleep nights…sometimes I can, sometimes I cannot and the faces haunt me. But then I look at a couple of very spoiled rescue cats and kiss their heads with joy that we found each other, and I am overjoyed for you, Helaine, and Doppler. And so full of appreciation for the folks who work on the front lines. They have a hard, hard job.

  9. I agree – rescuing a pet makes you feel better, and you get a pet that is forever grateful to you. I’m a cat person, and I can absolutely see in their eyes that they are grateful to be here and loved. There’s no better feeling! Good luck with your new puppy, Geoff!

  10. I agree that they do remember some things. I’ve had my guy for almost two and a half years (he was rescued at an auction where he was going to be sold as a breeder for a puppy mill). He has come a long way in that time, but there are still some things is he just plain “skeevvy” about. On the other hand, I think they figure out real quick that not every human is the same and with love and patience they are more than forgiving and willing to love. As my mother used to say, they know when them come up with a gold watch in each hand.

  11. Rescues are the best. I was given my first doxie as a holiday gift from a family member who knew I needed something at a special time in my life—yes Cheryl,you knowvthat time. Mannie has always been ver orotective of me. Then i found at a local shelter the cutest little doxie that was turned in as the owner wass cleaning house and did not want him any more. Was told he was left at the shelter and the owner never looked back. Farley is the most lovable–judt don’t tell mannie. Can’t imagine someone ‘cleaning house’ and putting him out-at least they were smaet enuf to turn him in st a local shelter. Anyone who abuses one of these creatures of God should be punished in a similar way. Thank God for Angels who adopt from shelters

  12. Geoff – I’d like to add that REPUTABLE breeders are out there…but please folks…don’t buy dogs off of the internet or pet stores. It perpetuates the inhumane treatment of pets in that horrendous industry. I don’t care what the sellers say…do your own research before buying a dog. I, for one, am an advocate for pet adoption. There are so many wonderful dogs out there waiting for homes – pure breds, mutts, big, medium, small – for every dog that’s bred there are many that are put down 🙁

  13. I saw those photos of “before” and they weren’t pretty. I’m elated they now have loving, forever homes, will be endlessly spoiled…and deservedly so! I happily wrote “adopted” on the board where I post them (veterinary hosp where I work), and every time an orphan is placed, we all celebrate a little. Thank you for supporting local animal shelters. These shelters are always in need of goods, and loving homes. The cats and dogs are the forgotten homeless. Lisa & Dean are the best. Our last 2 adoptions were from Wallingford Animal Shelter, and I can’t say enough great things about them.
    I am not a proponent of store purchased (puppy mill and catteries)pets, when there are so many beautiful animals needlessly put down for lack of space or inconvenience. At work, I see many “purchased pets” that become ill, some very seriously..and the store simply offers to “replace the merchandise”. They are living, breathing beings. The “mill” pets should be outlawed in every state.
    Continue to support shelter pets in honor of Doppler!
    Best wishes to you and yours..and, of course, little “Doppler”!

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