The Second Worst Cold In The World

I have bad news for her. It’s not the worst cold in the world. That cold is reserved for her father!

Stef left work early yesterday. She stayed home today. She has a cold. I know my daughter is suffering because she hates missing work.

I have bad news for her. It’s not the worst cold in the world. That cold is reserved for her father!

Monday night she swigged Nyquil which helped her sleep. When she woke up she tried Dayquil. Sorry, her ‘quil’ success rate stands at 50%!

“You know it’s bad,” she said, “I went through a whole box of tissues today.”

Compelling evidence, but number one worst cold still belongs to me. That’s obvious from my outward suffering when I have one. I am a stoic. I’d never kvetch just to raise the level of drama. Honest Helaine, I wouldn’t.

Why can’t we cure this common cold? Shouldn’t there be a “Common Cold Research Bureau” working feverishly to help those working feverishly?

Last year Britain’s Independent said,

Scientists believe the first clinical trials of new drugs based on the findings could begin within two to five years.

I’ve got a dollar pound that says we’re still two to five years away!

Back when Stef was a baby and got the sniffles she was often a nose blow away from relief. Babies don’t know how to blow their noses. It hurt me to see her discomfort.

Your child is always your child. It hurts me to hear of her discomfort today.

Hopefully she’ll be on the mend tomorrow. If the normal cold schedule holds true she might feel nearly human by the weekend.

In the interim maybe Helaine can FedEx her some chicken soup?

9 thoughts on “The Second Worst Cold In The World”

  1. I feel for Steph got a cold that came on stronger today and I now have a nose like a tap. Spent today trying to meet and greet people too and no anti-biotic hand soap, so I was trying to explain to people I’m not being impolite I’m saving you from the dreaded lurgy……

  2. I am with you Geoff. Took my oldest son, Emory back to college Monday morning. The next morning he sent a text and told me he had caught his little brother’s cold. Today I get the “I feel awful!” text. It’s hard being a parent with a sick child especially when you can’t be there to care for and pamper them. Maybe we should get something started with Fed-ex and start a chicken soup for sick kids delivery system!

  3. You know how sick they are when your adult children call and say “Mom (or Dad), I’m really sick.” I am not a stoic sick person, but I would still take his cold rather than have him suffer. Even meatloaf, homemade chicken soup and mac and cheese can’t bring enough comfort to a sick child.

  4. I agree with Sally…that has worked well for me…
    But I do hope Stef feels better soon – and the chicken soup (virtual or not) will help.

  5. Sat and Sunday my nose was running like a tap, Monday morning I woke up and while the tap was closed, still was in full blown cold. Today a little better maybe by weekend I will done with this cold. Think I picked up this cold from the plane ride home from Dallas.

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