Lunar Noon

Is there such a things a lunar noon? If there isn’t there should be. It’s lunar noon.

I’m on the sofa watching Flying Wild Alaska. Don’t bother. It’s reality rewritten for reality TV.

Doppler is on a sofa that runs perpendicular to this one. A few minutes ago she stood up and stared at me.

“Come over,” I offered while tapping my palm on my right leg.

She got up walked the gap between the couches and stood on my lap licking my face. That meant she had to go to the little girl’s lawn.

Excellent timing. The sky is clear. The Moon is nearly full and absolutely overhead. As bright as night can be.

Is there such a things a lunar noon? If there isn’t there should be. It’s lunar noon.

I remember walking on nights like this with Ivy. It bothered me she never looked up. Do dogs even know there is sky? It is totally inconsequential to them.

Shame. What a pretty night.

7 thoughts on “Lunar Noon”

  1. Mya, our Golden, and Jax, our Yellow Lab before her, both followed planes in the sky. Would love to know what their thoughts were about it.

  2. It was beautiful and warm! Took the grand babies out to look at the moon and the stars.I am blessed that my grandsons 10 and 3 appreciate nature like this. Too many people take the earth and solar system’s natural beauty for granted. Nice post, Geoff.

  3. My black lab mix Molly also follows planes, hawks, and this morning wouldn’t stop whining about the hot air balloon in the sky! What a lovely winter this has been so far.

  4. My dog didn’t so much look at the sky as sit out there and watch the snow fall. He would come in only because we pulled him in; he would be completely white, even though he was mostly a black dog. I think he enjoyed the quiet of the snow. I know I do. (I just don’t enjoy the shoveling of the snow, so I’m happy with the winter so far.)

  5. Our Tibetan Terrier has been known to spend hours in the back yard looking off into the sky from a lawn chair. The other dogs, not so much aware or particularly interested unless there is movement or noise–like wind.

  6. AHH Geoff!! I swear you are the only weatherman who can actually ALMOST make me wish I was back in CT to watch the light fluffy snow falling on a dry sparkling winter evening . You notice the “almost”, but I do miss seeing you and your enthusiasm on my evening broadcast news. Forecasters in St. Pete, have nothing on you!!

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