Adventures Of The World’s Cutest Dog

“They look friendly,” I said staring at the much larger dogs running in the adjoining area. We opened the gate and brought Doppler in.

Helaine made the suggestion. “Let’s take Doppler to the dog park.” It sounded like a good idea. Our town has Basset Park with two fenced in areas just for puppies.

We put Doppler in a sweater and headed out. She doesn’t associate the car with “good times.” We’re trying to change that.

When we got to the park the small dog area was empty.

“They look friendly,” I said staring at the much larger dogs running in the adjoining area. We opened the gate and brought Doppler in.

Skittish? Apprehensive? Fearful? Yes, Helaine was all those things! Doppler too.

Most of the time Doppler kept her tail curled under her body. She was in a defensive posture.

Sometimes even the best ideas fail. We walked back to the car and headed out.

15 thoughts on “Adventures Of The World’s Cutest Dog”

  1. Try again one day and bring some of her FAVORITE treats, once she acts a little braver, TREAT HER, she will associate being free and having FUN with good things OR better still meet her BROTHER at the park!!!

  2. I completely forgot that you live in the area!! Love bringing my dog to Bassett Park!! She’s a little apprehensive, but loves be be around other dogs since our first dog passed a few years back.

  3. Awww, but my dog has that title. I’ve never been to Basset. My dog barks so much at other dogs…
    Love the action shot!

  4. Yes, Rose meeting her brother to socialize is smart. My matron of honor has a diminutive dog that was savaged by a larger dog.

  5. LOVE the first picture of Doppler running to you! Gosh you are good…..the one of YOU and Doppler is just pure joy! Thanks for sharing!!! It put a smile on my face this morning( and Alexis too! ) which was much needed considering the state of the weather today. She thinks Doppler is adorable!
    Bailey (our little Lhasa) has our older black lab Angel to play with, which can be quite funny to watch. Bailey jumping on her and growling as Angel tolerates it for a while, and then pins her and barks as to say ENOUGH…but for some reason it does not deter her AT ALL!

  6. Did Doppler really need a sweater yesterday? I decided on a whim yesterday to put the top down on my convertible. The sun was warm and the ride on the highway was invigorating. It didn’t really seem like doggie-sweater weather to me…

  7. Bassett Park is a great place for dog socialization. I think Doppler acted appropriately for her first experience there. For a little dog, Bassett is a great big place and very intimidating, even with you by her side. Keep bringing her there for short periods. I know that on Saturday mornings there is a whole group that goes over there with small dogs. That might be the best way for you to help her to learn to enjoy the park. It’s tough on a small dog to be all alone and then meet up with a big dog when they’re not used to socializing with other dogs. And, the idea to bring her brother is a great one. Maybe they both could go there on Saturday morning and enjoy all the other little peewees. Soon she will have a whole bunch of little furry friends. One note though, bring your own water for her. The only thing Bassett doesn’t have is a water supply.

  8. I agree with Anne. It takes some time. My golden was on her back for much of the first visit but loves going now (well being there, getting there is another story).

  9. I agree with all the advice! LOVE the picture of her running to you, just can’t wait to get into your arms and lick you!! Go Doppler!

  10. Agree with everyone who says to go back! Keep bringing her there for very short periods of time…whether in the small dog section or the large dog section! She WILL get used to it and even love it! Most dogs like being with other dogs! She will make fast friends and look forward to going! As far as the car goes, put her in the car and just drive around the neighborhood! I take my 2 dogs in the car with me EVERYWHERE! Hit the bank drive-thru…most offer doggie treats! Take her to the vet JUST to pick up meds…so she’ll know that the vet isn’t only for shots! I stop in at the vet for Frontline and heartworm meds when the pups do NOT have a visit…I just do it so they know the vet is friendly and doesn’t always give them a shot! 🙂

  11. Definitely know what you went through! My little one is a bit bigger, 13lbs..she knows a lot of big dogs & is really a lot tougher than we think, but it still worries us! My husband will only let her go on the little dog side & even then you just don’t know at first. We’ve been taking her since she was a pup & the last couple times were the best! Totally jealous of your camera 🙂 ! & My little one has had her jacket on a few times this week. These poor little ones just have hair & until they are exercising a lot, it can be quite chilly!

  12. Fantastic action shots Geoff! Give the dog park another chance she’ll get used to it. I used to love going there with my dog (she passed away last January age 14) miss her lots she was my “baby girl.” You and Doppler make a nice pair … (:p

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