Do Not Feed This Man

I hide it reasonably well, but my weight has ballooned to its highest ever. Clothes are getting tight. Some no longer fit.

The guy on the left…. the guy who looks like he’s posing for a ad (note to single guys: they love the puppy). Do not feed him! He has grown too big for his britches–literally, not figuratively.

I hide it reasonably well, but my weight has ballooned to its highest ever. Clothes are getting tight. Some no longer fit.

Helaine suggested diets, but the problem isn’t my meals. The problem is what I eat between meals. I am a grazer in the finest sense.

Thankfully I have an amazing metabolism. Without it I’d weigh 350 pounds.

So for the next few months please don’t offer me anything sweet or greasy or full of carbs. I will try and do this with willpower. Not my strong suit.

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  1. Well,GEOFF, i, too, have been battling weight gain, for some time now, its a losing battle (pardon the pun!!) I’ve cut back on the wrong foods, but, temptation is always a bag of chips away. Being over-weight AND disabled, i face a different challenge,PAIN!! I take short walks, almost every day,thank god, the icing like last year, hasn’t happened, yet! I fell 4 times, luckily, with no lasting effects. BUT, at 55, the danger of breaking a hip, or, leg, increases every year. With global warming,er,”CLIMATE CHANGE”, increasing its effects,will the CT coastline be underwater?? HOPEFULLY, NOT in my lifetime,besides, i don’t swim!! 🙂

  2. One of the things to try, Geoff, is to watch WHAT you eat in between meals as well. Good luck – we are all rooting for you.

  3. Dija see article in the New York Times about the difficulty of maintaining weight loss after dieting? It’s not hopeless. Unless you want to spend your life exercising, weighing in, weighing your food, preparing your food, keeping a food diary … You get the idea.

  4. Geoff,
    I’m a personal trainer and suggest, that if you don’t already belong to one, join a gym, and work with a personal trainer to help you reach your fitness goals. You really can graze to your hearts content as long as you are eating the right stuff. A bag of M&M’s doesn’t cut it. Further, make your diet, not a diet but rather a life style change. If it comes out of bag or box don’t eat it. Simple as that. Stick to shopping the outside perimeter of the store going for fresh stuff. If you love peanut butter change to almond butter, eat quinoa or quinoa pasta instead of wheat pasta, grilled anything is acceptable, in short lose the sugar and the breads. Calories in vs calories out. You’ve heard it all before. Change doesn’t happen without making a change. It’s easier to keep 600 calories out of your mouth than to burn it off. Now, go kick some butt, your own.

  5. I started tracking everything I eat on and holy smokes what an eye opener that was. I’m a grazer too so it was easy to forget most of my grazing until it was there on the computer in front of my face.

    I still graze but now I plan ahead so instead of reaching for the bag of chips I’ve got a baggie of sliced apples or almonds or a clementine. Plus having to track everything for all my friends to see makes it easier to leave those oreos on the counter and grab a banana. Down 5 lbs by making better choices and walking the dog. Dog is happy, I’m happy so it’s a win/win.

  6. Losing weight is the opposite of saving. Saving is more in less out. Losing weight is less in more out. So simple so difficult.

  7. I am struggling with discipline. I know all that I need to do to loose the 45 pounds – I need to work at being DISCIPLINED. Today was the beginning of my seeking to be disciplined. I will shop for fruits and veggies (“diet” aka healthy foods unfortunately are expensive) but if I stick to lots of those with eating fish and chicken more than the other proteins, I believe I can initially loose weight and exercise easier. I have tons of medical issues and exercising is painful for me.
    Good luck Geoff!

  8. My Daughter n law has become a beachbody coach and its not only for youngin’s. I have incorporated their Shakology drink into my food choices. My sister and I began our own Biggest Loser when the new season began. We have our weigh in on Tues. a.m. and send each other our food log (I also log on to Spark People also has great tips and exercise video – great site check it out. I had major surgery and am struggling with hernias now which happens after you have your stomach cut open. I gained weight when I stopped smoking and with the surgeries I’ve had. However, now I am making better food choices (no white flour products) and exercising more. Elliptical machine was my Christmas present to myself. When I walk outside its for at least 3 miles if not more. I have also started resistant band exercises!! So since we started our mutual motivation I lost 2 lbs. the first weigh in. I am hoping for a 3 lb. loss this week! We’ll see I will be happy with 2. Its still a loss. I turned 60 last year and do not like what I let happen with my health. Luckily I am still here so I am making changes. You’ll do it Geoff with Helaine in your corner. What happened to your exercise routine you use to write about while you were on your sabbatical?

  9. I hear ‘ya Geoff! You’re lucky to have a good metabolism. I’ve watched what I eat my whole life. ‘Course I’m under five feet tall, with a lousy metabolism, and now that I’m older…well, you get the drift. For me it’s 2 steps forward and one back. Anyway, sounds like you’ll trim down in no time 🙂

  10. “Jorge Cruise…”Belly Fat Cure”…..good carbs….good fats….proteins….lots of great recipes on his web site…

  11. Geoff no worries, see you on the canal with the pooch.

    Our motto is ice cream makes everything better…Thats why tonite we opted for DQ peanut butter cup blizzads. Life is too short.

    Have fun and enjoy!

  12. Losing weight = portion control and moving your body on a daily basis — simple.

    BTW what happened to that exercise program you and Helaine were on awhile back?

  13. Try Weight Watchers! You can be the spokesman along side Charles Barkley. It really works and its a change of eating patterns for life! Good luck!

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