Here She Is

I know, but I grew up think it was a beauty pageant no matter what they claimed. Actions spoke louder than words.

“Oh my God!” Helaine was about to make an observation. “She looks just like…” and then she mentioned the name of a not particularly attractive, pudgy, wife of a friend. Welcome to the Miss America Pageant 2012.

Repeat after me. It’s a scholarship pageant. Uh huh. Actions speak louder than words. They wear bikinis. Some have implants.

The truly classic Miss America experience was only possible when my father-in-law was alive. He was brutal!

As the contestants introduced themselves Helaine noted, “They dance like you.” That’s not a compliment.

My recommendation for the contestants, don’t go back over the Twitter feed or read further.

  • I would rather be naked on stage than wear Miss Alabama’s dress.
  • If South Carolina mentions her weight loss one more time I will throw something at my television. #NoOneCares #ThinOutsideUglyInside #MA2012
  • There are some really unfortunate looking ladies on here #missamerica #notsorry

Thanks Tom Brady and the Pats for giving us the opportunity to watch.

2 thoughts on “Here She Is”

  1. Wow Geoff – the tweets were brutal – but probably true to some degree. And Go Helaine Go – LOL.
    And yes – the Pats are big time schooling the Broncos.

  2. LOL!!! About Miss Alabama’s dress. I couldn’t agree more. That thing on her shoulder looked like it could be a bow that would go on a gift box with something the size of a refrigerator in it.

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