I Hate It When The Forecast Changes

Statewide it looks like that will be snow at the start. Not a lot. Not for long. Some areas could see an inch. Most won’t.

What looked like nothing on my weather maps last night looks closer to something today. This isn’t a major shot of winter weather coming, but enough to care about. My mind has switched to obsessive mode. I’m currently antisocial!

It is cold. Two lows, one over Canada the other Texas, will combine to produce a single low somewhere east of Chicago by tomorrow morning. The positioning of the resultant low is critical because it will be controlling both moisture and temperature.

The mercury will rise tonight. That’s what I’m talking about as far as temperature control is concerned. The low will be pulling in warmer air from the south.

Meanwhile moisture is also on-the-way. Statewide it looks like that will be snow at the start. Not a lot. Not for long. Some areas could see an inch. Most won’t.

As the warmer air arrives the snow goes to sleet and mixed precipitation and then rain.

Here’s the problem. The ground will stay cold longer than the air. Icy/slippery conditions are probable as whatever falls at any given moment freezes on contact. The farther north and the higher the elevation the more likely this is.

Can this be treated? Absolutely. This type of lightweight storm seems the poster child for chemical treatment! Of course that’s never 100% effective.

All of this will take place between 9:00 PM and 4:00 AM. By wake-up time the slippery part of the storm will be finished. There’s rain coming later, but nothing worrisome.

There surely will be some scattered delays. Closings probably aren’t warranted. Unfortunately, like predicting baseball rain outs there are lots of hidden factors at work. How the superintendents make up their minds is a mystery to me.

4 thoughts on “I Hate It When The Forecast Changes”

  1. It has always been a mystery, Geoff. And some then look like fools by getting kids all the way to school just to turn around an hour later and early dismiss.

  2. It looks like more than an inch in Spring Glen already. But I’m not going out to check. Yuck! Hopes of a snowless winter are dashed.

  3. Hey,GEOFF! Well, here in WEST HAVEN, we got about an inch, by 11:00pm, but, now its a steady rain, at 1:30 am ! I knew we were due,SOMETIME!! Just worried about wed night, hope the ice isn’t too much,i have a tendency to fall, not good for a “BIG” man!!!

  4. I work all crazy hours, so I sleep at all crazy times…Got up at 4am this morning to the sound of the snow plows…OK, fess up..who was wishing for snow??? lol

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