What I’m Saying Tonight About Dr. Mel

I’ve been asked to speak a little about Dr. Mel Goldstein on tonight’s FoxCT News at Ten . He and I worked together for 25 years. Here’s what I wrote.

I’ve been asked to speak a little about Dr. Mel Goldstein on tonight’s FoxCT News at Ten . He and I worked together for 25 years. Here’s what I wrote.

When Dr. Mel’s cancer was discovered Jeff Bailey from Channel 8 and I went to Mel’s home to bring him a computer. It was a long time ago.

Once it was working we showed him how to do a web search and went to the site for multiple myeloma, his form of cancer. Silently the three of us read the page that showed the time from discovery to death. It was under two years.

None of us said anything, but you could feel the room turn cold.

I didn’t realize it that day, but Dr. Mel didn’t accept the verdict. He wasn’t going to give in or more accurately give up.

That he lived for sixteen years after his cancer was discovered, long beyond what anyone could have expected, is a testament to him. Dr. Mel and his wife Arlene became their own best advocates for care and treatment. They were eagle eyed in making sure no stone was left unturned, no possible treatment unexplored.

I suspect that is the legacy Dr. Mel would wish to leave with us all.

Don’t give up.

Don’t give in.

Be your own strongest advocate.

I watched him as he spoke to others who’d also been given death sentences. He was an inspiration because he showed what could be done. I am sure there are more cancer survivors today because Dr. Mel showed them you can fight and win.

He was in a great deal of pain from his cancer. More pain than you probably know. I’m not sure how he handled that.

For a guy who was anything but an athlete he was awfully strong!

As has been posted in the blog comments Dr. Mel and I had some seriously rough patches. None of that takes away from what his actions left for others. I hope that’s how he’ll be remembered.

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  1. Geoff,
    Your comments regarding the passing of Dr. Mel have been graciously stated. Not all relationships are smooth and without fault but it takes a better person to know when to speak without bitterness and blame when on the occasion of ones passing. You are a true gentleman.

  2. Nicely put Jeff I’m sure Dr Mel would have liked it… I was born and raised in Ct. I now live in Fl and I remember Dr Mel very well on Wtnh. Sorry to hear of his passing

  3. Nicely put, Geoff. I remember listening to him on WATR radio when I was growing up in Naugatuck in the late 70’s and early 80’s – especially in the winter hoping for a snow day or 3! Rest easy, Mel…

  4. Gracious words for a gracious man. All relationships have there ups and downs. You are a true gentleman, as was Dr. Mel. He will be remembered fondly.
    And this is just one more reason why I am glad you stayed in Connecticut!

  5. As a grad student in environmental education at SCSU in the early ’90s, my class spent the better part of a day at WestConn in Dr. Goldstein’s classroom. We got the grand tour and listened to him for several hours. Could have listened all night, if he’d kept going. We heard stories like the one about his students – and he gave all the credit to his students – predicting the tornadoes in 1979 that hit the Danbury Fairgrounds, where Governor Grasso was to be appearing that day, and continue on to Windsor Locks. If he hadn’t insisted that the Civil Preparedness people get the Governor out of there (which they did not want to do), she would have been right in its path. We also heard about how he developed the DAX system in his own graduate school days. When our professor succumbed to cancer several years later, Dr. Goldstein was at the memorial service.
    I appreciate that, even with the “rough patches”, as you so graciously put it, you choose to remember the positives. It is, indeed, a sign of class.

  6. A class act speaks of another class act! It doesn’t get better than that. I hope Dr. Mel finds those clouds to be most comfy!

  7. ….be proud of what you said…the truth is the tribute! Channel 8 weather did a spot on Mel and also interviewed other weathermen about their take on Dr. Mel. You weren’t amongst them. I figured you wouldn’t be asked. The only testament to Dr. Mel I wanted to hear, was yours. I found it on facebook and am touched. Thank you Geoff for rising to the occassion and being there for Mel and Arlene!

  8. Geoff

    We all have some problems in our lives with people that we are close to at times but that is just something that is in the past! And those type of things are forgotten fast when you begin to share good times 🙂 I just found out only through your post on FB that Dr Mel passed away! I love all your posts! I shared your post on FB and this is what I said ” We will miss Dr Mel he never ever showed or complained of his cancer….he just kept smiling and making us smile with him! He was such a great man!!

  9. I have to agree with Suzanne. I to watch the tribute to Dr Mel on WTNH and was disappointed they did not ask you to share their feelings. I am a huge fan of your and Dr Mels. Your tribute to Dr Mel was beautifully written and so touching. You are truly a class Act which was previously stated. RIP Dr Mel !!!!

    1. A fully agree with Suzanne and you, Maria. WTNH was shameful in not having you participate in their tribute to Dr. Mel. I even though they airbrushed you out of some photos! Channel 3 did the best tribute to Dr. Mel in my opinion, so far.

      I am looking forward to tonight’s news at 10:00 on Fox 61. PLEASE do not disappoint us!

  10. The first day I discovered Dr. Mel was on a WTXX show. I can’t remember the name of the show but it was on the afternoons and Dr. Mel would talk about weather to a yellow/orange puppet named Tex. I was a pre-teen then and Dr. Mel was always smiling and having fun with the puppet talking about the weather and showing experments. Does anyone remember this? I can’t remember the name of the show.

  11. Well done Geoff. I too was disappointed that you were not among the tv personalities interviewed, but then that is WTNH for ya. Mel was a courageous man in his fight against cancer. Your words are as always truthful and a class act.

    1. Very nice Geoff. Of course Dr. Mel was a gentleman as everyone attests to however you certainly should have been interviewed but it’s only another in a long line of WTNH faux pas!

  12. I thought it would have been terribly classy if WTNH had asked you to contribute your thoughts to their newscasts. But they didn’t, and perhaps you are more comfortable that they did not.

    Anyway Geoff, *you* are a classy guy as is evidenced by your words above. We will all miss Dr. Mel. He was an ‘original’. <3

  13. Geoff: All those who have already commented reflect my thoughts, also. Dr. Mel embodied the consummate professional albeit with a twinkle in his eye. We will miss him but your kind and gracious words about a treasured colleague will go a long way to lessen what we feel on his passing. Thank you.

  14. Very nicely done — everyone (including Dr. Mel and his family) is seeing you for the “bigger person” you are… you took the high road.

  15. Geoff, I was surprised that channel 8 did not show any clips of you 2 together.
    You worked with him for 25 years. Who know him better than you. I like what you said.
    I think it was very rude of channel 8. Thanks Geoff for the wonderful words spoken about Dr. Mel. RIP Dr. Mel you will be missed.

  16. As I stated to you earlier on Facebook, Geoff, you were classy, simple, and eliquent. Thank you for your words. I know it is late, but if you could ask your IT folks to turn on the internet feed for the 10 o’clock news, I’m sure folks far and wide who loved Mel far and wide would love to hear what you have to say about him. RIP Dr. Mel.

  17. Many may not understand this but Dr. Mel for all his work and courage was a “mench” who gave his all to place others before himself. Your words help put you in the same category. Dr. Mel will be missed!

  18. Very well said, Geoff. WTNH wasn’t classy enough or considerate enough to have included you in their tribute, but you focused on a tribute to the man and his strength, not personal problems between you, and that shows you to be a better man than anyone running that station will ever be!

  19. He was a lovely person. When I told him my cousin Bob had the same form of cancer, he gave me the names of books and websites that Bob could consult. He used his razor-sharp science mind and incredible humanitarism on a mission of mercy to help others. In short: a real mensch. God rest his soul!

  20. Hi Geoff

    My wife Danielle and I have been a fan of yours forever(I actually remember you from Buffalo!). I won’t go into why we like you so much because the intangibles cannot be explained. However, when you were not renewed by WTNH, and we heard how bad the breakup was, we were disappointed in WTNH and how they let you go. You deserved a better send off than that.

    So here you are, the one guy who probably worked with Dr. Mel the longest in New Haven….and WTNH can’t get past themselves! My family watched the WTNH memorial coverage of Dr. Mel today. Afterwards, we just thought how lousy that you weren’t part of it. What a shame.

    Never a doubt that you would speak from your heart tonight. We look forward to listening to you remember Dr. Mel ‘live’ tonight. Hats off to FOX as well…looks like you’ve got some nice ‘air’ cover over there. Best of Luck Mr Fox…yer a good man. We’re glad you’re back!

  21. Geoff,

    Thank you – As others have said, you are truly a class act – first, last and always.

    Your words about Dr. Mel are beautiful and clearly come from the heart. No matter what our human fallouts are through life with each other, the heart always speaks if we listen.

    Dr. Mel gave a face to multiple mylenoma and encouraged fellow patients to fight the good fight, including a friend of mine.

    Blessings, Geoff.

  22. He didn’t have to put a “on-screen” face or attitude. He may have been uncomfortable and/or in pain, but he wouldn’t let his smile diminish. I’d like to thank his wife for sharing him with us. There must have been many nights and mornings she spent by herself, wondering if he made it to or from the studio. He struck me, as being like that uncle when growing up, always having a roll of lifesavers, or a hershey’s kiss for you in his pocket. I wonder if he’ll be indentifing the clouds from above, as he did for us, down below.
    Thanks Geoff

    (BTW- do you still have that G5RV up?)

  23. Geoff what I’m feeling after watching you tonite has already been written.
    You’re a class act Geoff. We already knew that but tonite you done yourself proud.

  24. Geoff – wonderful tribute. It’s kind of Orwellian that WTNH didn’t include a tribute from you, but that would have shown an unexpected amount of grace and class on their part. Your grace and class throughout the past year have shone a light on their lack of it. You and Mel were a pair in that way.

  25. Beautifully stated, Geoff. Once again, you prove why you are a true gift to the people of Connecticut. We in Connecticut are lucky that you continue to share your gift with us.

  26. I brought a group of southington students who were interested in meteorology to WestConn on a field trip. We were waiting outside the weather room where we were told to meet the grad student who was supposed to give us a tour (maybe around 2000?).
    He didn’t show up for quite a while. (always seems longer when you have 15 impatient students. well Dr. Mel recognized me from the CT State Science Fair (we sat at the same table at the medals dinner where he was the guest speaker.). He asked me how long we had been waiting and the kids piped in. “an hour” (we were there maybe twenty minutes 🙂
    Well he graciously opened the doors and those kids got the best tour from Dr. Mel himself.
    he was a genuine person, and he will be missed.

  27. Hi Geoff, I wanted to say that the tribute you gave Dr. Mel was beautiful. As you spoke of him, you could feel the deep friendship you shared with Dr. Mel. I do have to say that I am not surprised that WTNH did not include you or Matt Scott in their Tribute. But, if they truely had his best interest at heart, they would of atleast shown both of you together with Dr. Mel working on the nightly forecasts. But, thats okay, you are the better person, you “are” a class act!! I do hope that both you and Dr. Mel were able to rekindal your friendship before his passing. Dr. Mel was def one of a kind and he will be deeply missed. May he rest in peace, and his family find strength and comfort at this difficult time. RIP Dr. Mel

  28. I agree with all of the people who think it’s incredibly tacky for “News 8” to ignore the time you worked with Dr Mel; however, I’ve come to expect nothing but tacky from the “news” station that I’ve watched since I was a kid. I don’t know the details of why you left 8, but after reading these comments, I hope I’ll be able to find out. In any case, I think what you said showed class, and respect for a man’s life, and I wish Dr Mel’s family, and you and yours, strength and peace.

  29. Well said Geoff. It is a comfort to know that he is no longer suffering. I am hoping that he is having a ball seeing the weather from a new perspective. He will be missed by many, many people and that is his legacy. Godspeed Dr. Mel.

  30. Even though I never met Dr. Mel, I feel like I’ve lost an old friend, or a beloved Uncle. Goodbye Dr. Mel, rest well in your special place in Heaven.

  31. Very well put, Geoff. When I heard the sad news of Dr. Mel’s passing, I immediately thought about how sad that would be for you, too. He was a remarkable man with a legacy we are just beginning to understand.

  32. I read the previous posts in response to your elegy re Mel Goldstein… I’m struck at how he’s described (professionally) as a “mensch” within these responses, yet was portrayed as a less-favorable term about this time last year (interpersonally — BUSINESS??) when many of same heard about his not even wishing you well upon your departure (banishment?) from LIN. I missed the newscasts last night (18th), but your written reaction should be required reading for all who may face (or have gone through) similar circumstances.

  33. You should have been a part of the tribute on Channel 8, but your words above were touching. I wish I could have seen it last night, but unfortunately, I go to work early, so can’t stay up late to see you.

    May Dr. Mel rest in peace and his family rest easy in the knowledge he was loved, respected and will be missed.

  34. Hello Geoff,

    Your sentiments of Dr. Mel Goldstein are eloquent, heartful and kind.

    Dr. Mel was a kindly man, a generous soul in the public eye.

    Your words reveal the respect you have for him.

    Addressing that Dr. Mel’s value is greater than any differences you both experienced is a fine testament to your own humility.

    Thank you, Geoff.
    You are the only reason I watch a news program that I swore not to many tears ago.

    Munay Sonqo,
    Gene Coderre

  35. Geoff,

    Thank you for sharing your kind words on Dr. Mel.

    It was a sincere, well-put tribute to your former colleague and a very classy move.

    You are a kind soul and a gentleman.

    All the best wishes to you and your family,


  36. I had tuned in to watch Jeopardy and didn’t know Mel had passed away and Jeopardy was pre-empted by this Mel Goldstein tribute. It was nice an’ all but in true Channel 8 fashion, they made a mockery out of that “tribute” by not including anything having to do with Geoff Fox which is ridiculous in my opinion. Yes, Mr. Goldstein had some wonderful qualities but I just can’t get past why he would ever be confrontational toward Geoff Fox. Geoff Fox IS (well now “was”) channel 8 weather and Mr. Goldstein wasn’t as much of a personality or weather reporter as Geoff Fox.

    I’m sorry for being Debbie Downer here but Goldstein and channel 8 have been wrongly disrespectful to Geoff Fox and I cannot come to terms with that. Geoff, YOU are the real gentleman here, not him and I cannot ever put him on the pedestal that too many others in this state have. It’s sad when anyone dies but I don’t think he deserves sainthood or anything like that.

    1. Benjamin and others:

      Dr. Mel was an inspiration to many and fought a courageous battle with cancer. His relationship with me is small potatoes compared to the good he did.

      It would be wrong to not acknowledge his significant achievements and the selfless good he did for others.

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