Dr. Mel

I’ve just received news of the passing of Dr. Mel.

I’ve just received news of the passing of Dr. Mel.

As many of you know Dr. Mel’s cancer though under control for years had taken a horrendous toll. He lived a life of physical pain and uncertainty. His suffering has ended.

Helaine, Stef and I offer our condolences to his wife Arlene and his daughters Laura and Melody.

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  1. RIP Dr. Mel. I remember seeing him way back when I was a very young kid. I’m glad his suffering is over.

    Thanks to him for his service as a meteorologist and an educator.

  2. As a staple and huge part of my life and our community here in CT for 35 years, Dr. Mel leaves behind him an unprecidented legacy and has touched the lives of so many through his passion for his work and family, his gentle way, and the care he had for so many. It’s my hope Mel is in a serene place where he is finally comfortable and eternally at peace, and maybe has a front row seat now to the weather up there! Thank You Mel for your smile, your wisdow, your passion, expertise, and your laughter. You will be missed sorely. Today we lost a significant defining part of New Haven County and Southern Connecticut.

  3. Good bye Dr. Mel, we should see death not as a sad thing but give thanks that our loved ones are no longer suffering and going to glory. RIP.

  4. Geoff, that was very classy of you. I still watch Channel 8 at noon and was stunned at the news, as I thought he was doing better. The way events turned out, Channel 8 lost 2 of their best weathermen, and I hope their forced changes turn out to be the best deal for you for as long as you want.

  5. I stopped watching Mel, at TV 8, when Geoff was __’ed. Then Mel tauted some inept, via recurring TV promo’s, as Geoff’s replacement.

    Like many aging pro sports players, Mel stayed on far TOO long.


  6. Dr. Mel—RIP—We will miss you! Dave you should be ashamed of yourself. This is a little bigger than your petty BS news problems
    I met Dr. Mel at Yale in The oncology dept. He was a saint and a wonderful inspiration to me and my family. Dr. Mel you and your family will be in my prayers.

  7. AC

    I meant every word I said !!

    Mel so OPENLY Dis’ed Geoff (via HIS WEEK’s long Promo’s for some newbie/ wannbe weather guy)! All the while he TOO was being phased out (like Geoff, Matt et al).

    It was SO disappointing that Mel was FAR more for Corporate Profits, than Common Decency. Mel left – as a Corporate Profit First advocate!!


    1. Dave and all –

      Dr. Mel and I worked together for 25 years. As with any long relationship the road is sometimes rocky. What Dr. Mel accomplished and the inspiration he provided should be his legacy.


  8. Dave, while you are not wrong in what you say, we all know what transpired as you correctly stated the events. But as Geoff did in his blog, take the high road. Let bygones be bygones after all you will be the one waking up tomorrow morning.

  9. Thanks Geoff for the posting the news. Thanks also to Dr. Mel for helping my husband, Kevin, get all the information he needed to accept his cancer diagnosis and try to fight it. That’s what friends and colleagues are for.

  10. Although I was not his primary nurse, I helped take of Dr. Mel at the Yale Medical-Oncology clinic in the late 90’s. Geoff, I thought you might like to know that he spoke to me one day about what a great friend you were and how you came to see him every day when he was admitted to the hospital. You obviously meant alot to him at that time and hopefully those are the memories that will prevail.

  11. I met Dr Mel when he came by during the Open house at the US Coast Guard Station. You can pretty much tell everyone liked him being their and everyone wanted to know the weather and his predictions. He was very humble and I was fortunate to meet him and chatted with him. The man was very humble even in the face of cancer, but still humble. He will be missed and Connecticut has lost a legend.

  12. Dr. Mel was an extraordinary person. May your family be surrounded by Gods angels. Lets not forget his legacy. Shame on some of you who go head to head with Dr. Mel and Geoff Fox! They are two separate people who had totally different outlooks on life. God Bless you Dr. Mel. Rest in peace

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