I Deny I’m A Denier

[M]ore than half of TV weather reporters don’t believe in human-induced climate change, even as our poisoned weather grows more extreme.

I walked into work and fired up my laptop. There’s a ritual I follow when forecasting. I opened some maps and charts then Facebook and Twitter. That means I was about sixty seconds into my work day when I read Ed Stannard’s tweet.


Is @geofffox a climate-change denier? What say you Geoff? bit.ly/wl7zn4 #ctweather #climatechange

Ed’s with the New Haven Register. He’s a good guy who was always fair during my estrangement from Channel 8. I’ve also served as his expert on weather stories.

Ed’s tweet was triggered by a story on ThinkProgress.org: “Forecast The Facts Exposes America’s Climate-Denier TV Weathermen.”

America’s television meteorologists are the primary source of climate information for most Americans, and are second only to scientists — who have much less access to the general public — in the level of trust they are given. Yet more than half of TV weather reporters don’t believe in human-induced climate change, even as our poisoned weather grows more extreme.

Lest there be any question whether the ThinkProgress story has a bias, let me repeat the last eight words: “even as our poisoned weather grows more extreme.”

Inside is a list of quotes from meteorologists across America. Some are pretty off-the-wall crazy. Others are just skeptical. Most are measured.

Here’s mine:

“My life would be easier if I was a believer! All my non-meteorologist friends are global warming adherents. Faith doesn’t come to you just because it’s a desirable trait.”

Ooh! Geoff Fox, you climate denying bastard! Except I’m not.

Being unconvinced of the efficacy of the Global Warming doomsayers isn’t the same as saying my mind is made up. I am not convinced. I’m still listening. Let’s call me a Global Warmer doubter.

As is so often the case with Global Warming adherents if you don’t agree you’re evil or bought off or both! It’s a complex issue made more difficult because it’s become a rancorous political fight instead of a scientific debate.

9 thoughts on “I Deny I’m A Denier”

  1. Geoff- I just wanted to let you know that my husband and I were watching you on the news the other day when it was lightly raining/snowing and you were outside with a hood on your head. The hood was black and it matched your hair so well that it looked like you had a helmet of hair like Ozzy Ozborne! It was quite funny but ditracting and I thought you might want to check it out and see how the hood looked like your hair.
    I know you had longer hair years ago but I doubt it went down to your chest – lol!

  2. Hey,GEOFF! I guess, the solar flare expected at 9:00am, wasn’t as bad as predicted! Still, i wonder if these flares have any real, lasting effect, on our weather?? I read the other day, on YAHOO news, that many flights from europe, had to refuel, over the past few months, because of the strong air currents, crossing the atlantic. Many were smaller jets,with the airlines thinking, these planes would SAVE, jet fuel! BUT, they found, the planes didn’t have enough power, to buck the jet stream,unusally strong, this time of year. Also will the “EL NINA” effect, last the rest of the year???

  3. Has anyone here read “Cool It: The Skeptical Environmentalist’s Guide to Global Warming” by Bjorn Lomborg? Really interesting stuff! IMHO, Lomborg takes a measured, even, reasonable look at the issue. Highly recommended.

  4. I read Michael Crichton’s book State of Fear several years ago. It was pretty good considering the plot line revolved around a fanciful but somewhat realistic global warming plot. Stats and data intertwined with the story really helped me understand the bias and reality in the Global Warming debate. For instance, some areas of the earth (even upstate NY) are getting cooler, while other areas are getting warmer.

    It reminds me of how Yellowstone National Park is sitting on top of a thin magma area. This same area has been moving across four prominent spots over several million years. The planet is constantly in shift.

    1. “… a rancorous political fight…” I should add, one that is aided and abetted by a complicit mainstream media. I’ve written two online articles telling how the MSM is not telling us half the story, “Monumental fault in manmade global warming notion hiding in plain sight” http://junkscience.com/2011/12/24/monumental-fault-in-manmade-global-warming-notion-hiding-in-plain-sight/ and “Will MSM Look into the Global Warming Abyss and Find Their Character?” http://bigjournalism.com/rcook/2011/06/07/will-msm-look-into-the-global-warming-abyss-and-find-their-character/

      Joe Romm and his ThinkProgress followers are under a delusion that they can intimidate meteorologists into not speaking against the idea of man-caused global warming, but the problem is, the rest of us are getting tired of global warming promoters’ juvenile tactic of marginalizing critics rather than engaging in genuine debate. As more of the public sees how paper thin this defense tactic is, the closer we are to witnessing the total collapse of a far-left ideology that never could defend its underlying climate assessments.

  5. A million yesrs ago the inhabitants of Mars believed the politically correct elites of their planet. Mars’ scientists identified water vapor as the prime cause of Mars slight global warming.

    All the planet’s resources were focused into building huge planetary water condensers. As is the case with most government programs, it got out of hand and Mars was transformed into a cold, dry desert. Worse yet, the atmosphere was lost to space.

    The few remaining warming deniers made it here to planet earth and started a new civilization. Now we see the same thing happening all over again. As a descendent of the original Mars colonizers, I hope earthlings don’t identify water vapor as the worst greenhouse gas( it is ). A runaway hoax destroyed one planet. Let’s not make it two!

    1. Palin Smith’s article was wonderfully written. A great take down of global warming enthusiasts.

      As Geoff says, we have to keep an open mind and keep learning in science. The ones who declare they have all the answers cause more harm than any actual global warming could.

  6. You needn’t be afraid of the Global Warming Nazis to say that MAN MADE Global Warming is a hoax. Science has become corrupt, as can be seen with the recent lies regarding red wine. The problem is that too many people on the far left control the funding.. and the message.

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