Do You Know Who’s Driving This Car?

I am scared this driver will get hurt or hurt others. Just having a license doesn’t mean you should still be driving.

I followed this car eastbound on Cook Hill Road in Wallingford this afternoon. The driver was short enough his/her head didn’t show above the back of the seat. Maybe you know him/her? I snapped the photo because of how the car was being driven.

The vehicle gave all the signs of a driver unsure or unprepared to be on the road!

The car slowed to a crawl as we passed cross streets. Looking for an address?

It also slowed to a crawl as the road crested hills. It was as if the driver wasn’t sure there would be more road over the ridge!

Then, though still creeping along, he/she rode the brake on the way down. The car consistently hugged the curb.

I am scared this driver will get hurt or hurt others. Just having a license doesn’t mean you should still be driving.

Note: I have removed the license tag number from this posting. I am not the police or DMV just a concerned driver.

9 thoughts on “Do You Know Who’s Driving This Car?”

  1. You should have contacted the local police about the driver, Geoff. Even if it turned out to be someone learning to drive, someone lost etc., better to be safe than sorry.

  2. Typical Elderly driver who in all fairness should not be driving, there is so often times when family members will not do the right thing and take the license away because that is all that mom/dad has. I have worked with the elderly for years and can not tell you the number of times I have held my breath when a tenant of one of my buildings leaves the parking lot. I have called police, who have not been much help, I have talked families into getting the doctor to get the person to stop driving but DMV will not revoke a license, nor is there added testing as we age….I hope I never get there. But who knows.

  3. I agree with Lou. I was behind a car last year that was all over the road. Very dangerous. I broke the law myself by calling the police while driving, but I wanted to be able to give them the plate number. They were very interested and very helpful I don’t know what happened after I turned into my street, but I felt a lot better knowing the police were aware of it.

    Although this driver may be elderly, it is unfair to automatically make that assumption. Could be a brand new driver, an elderly driver, someone new to the area, someone lost, we’ll never know. If you witness something like this again Geoff, pleae report it to the police.

  4. Wow, I live just off this road. If I do end up behind this person (which I hope I never do) I would get the plate number and report them. People like this (old, new, or unsure) need to know how to drive properly. My brother was actually pulled over on Cook Hill years ago for going too slow (it was early morning and his car wasn’t warmed up yet)

  5. I agree with Lou and Patty. Better safe than sorry. I hope someday we do have retesting. So many could use it now and it might actually clear up the highways from bad drivers.

  6. It also could have been a kid driving the car – I agree with other posters, better to report it to the police and leave it in their hands…

  7. I followed a person driving today that was driving in the same manner. It was scary to watch. I will also say that lately if I think it’s an elderly person driving unsafely it usually turns out to be a young lady or young man slouching or leaning and doing what? Texting of course! I truly fear walking on the road because it seems that people are not paying attention to their driving.
    My mother gave up her license recently because of health issues. It was a gradual decision when she realized she didn’t have the stamina to be on the road and make quick decisions any longer. My father was a different story it took a doctor to say “no you may no longer drive”. Be safe out there people!

  8. What? Are you afraid that someone who reads your blog is a DMV employee? Why, yes, Geoff, one of them is, ME. For the record, I take my job very professionally and seriously and wouldn’t have looked it up for you anyway, no matter how much I admire you (not that I think you would ask) but I’m in agreement with the others, if you are ever concerned about someone’s driving, call the police. If you’re calling for that reason, I believe it’s okay (legally) to use your phone but I’m not 100% sure. I’ve had a police officer tell me that it’s okay but I also know of a 30-something woman getting ticketed for learning to drive with her husband in the car for not having a learner’s permit…not required once you’re 18 in the state of CT, so the police are not always right.

  9. Wow, listen to you people,,,
    You don’t even know who was behind the wheel, yet you are all ready to point a finger at the person being an elder.
    Some people have too much time on their hands.
    Lets just take everything away from the older generation.
    Your folks are old Geoff, how would you like it if someone was behind your dad and they were taking pictures of him. You know, for many, the license is the very last thing the elderly have left. The kids are gone, in many cases so are their homes, lets not even get into their health, yet because someone isn’t driving fast enough, or they are hugging the right side of the road, the cops should be called….
    Put your camera away, you shouldn’t be taking pics while driving, that is also a hazard.

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