Born to Track

Wednesday morning my tablet was loaded onto UPS Flight 2917, an MD11 freighter, headed for Dallas-Ft. Worth International. It changed planes there for Boston with a stop in Philly (UPS Flight 2020 Airbus 300)!

I ordered a tablet from NewEgg. Very excited. It should be here tomorrow. Right now I’m in UPS obsession mode! I picked the right package to track!

My hope was the package would come from NewEgg’s New Jersey warehouse. Nope. This bad boy is coming from California.

Tuesday afternoon it was pulled and readied. Later that evening it was trucked to the Ontario, CA airport.

Here’s where my obsession gets going. I looked and realized it might make a daily UPS cargo flight to Chicago. Yeah, you can look up cargo flights like passenger flights!

Wednesday morning my tablet was loaded onto UPS Flight 2917 an MD11 freighter headed for Dallas-Ft. Worth International. It changed planes there for Boston with a stop in Philly (UPS Flight 2020 Airbus 300)! My 2.8 pound payload flew cross country in 13 hours without the need for flight attendants or peanuts.

There were other flights my package could have taken. Is it given a ticket? That would make for a lot more tickets than a passenger airline would issue.

Is the route predetermined or is a package just put on the next flight that takes it closer?

From Boston my package is being trucked to Windsor Locks, then North Haven, then put on the truck that comes to my house. It will be here later this afternoon.

Routing is difficult. We’re so used to seeing GPS units do it in seconds we lose sight of the amazing math involved. There are infinite ways to get almost everywhere!

So far the UPS tracking page has 12 entries.

How did I keep busy before this was available?

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  1. You sound like my kids! LOL I am curious what tablet you ordered! We accidentally ended up with an HP Touch Pad. I know that sounds strange, but one day my son called and said “FIND ONE HP is having a fire sale.” (and what a sale it was DEEP discount!) So we scoured the stores and found one left at Staples…..I like it, but the OS operating system is limiting……

  2. Geoff, you ask:

    “How did I keep busy before this was available?”

    Perhaps by driving Helaine nuts asking: “Is it here yet?”

    And heck yeah, you were born to track…whether the weather or a package. Perhaps you were a bloodhound in a previous life?

  3. Invariably if I need something fast Newegg ships it from California, and if I don’t care when it comes they ship from New Jersey. 🙂

    I always think it’s “way cool” to order stuff from B&H with regular shipping and have it in my hands less than 24 hours later. That can be addictive…

  4. Tracking UPS or Fed Ex is a lot of fun. I like to keep a map nearby as it is almost a geography lesson.

    Howver, with the USPS, you mail a letter to go across town and they drive it down the busiest stretch of I-95 to Stamford so they can sort it and bring it back here to deliver. It would be painful to track mail delivery.

  5. got a package from lasvegas at christmas went to colorado than new jersey than hartford ct,than orange ct and than i finally got it

  6. I did that on my last 2 packages.
    They neglect to tell you how many times its been tossed around, stepped on and just plain damaged before ETA to your front door.
    Both my packages were in pretty bad shape.
    So, I made the phone call, the very next day UPS was back, picking up the very same boxes they left the day before.
    This time they were greeted with “damaged” in very large letters across each box. They had to have known they would be back.
    Hope you get your package in better shape than my two.

  7. A friend of mind flies for Fed EX.. The conversations we have about their logistics/scheduling is both fascinating and mind boggling.

  8. So my wife just came up stairs and told me about this post. i have been following it because I too had a ASUS TP on order. I ended up cancelling my amazon order, and i was able to get it threw BJ’s wholesale club. and then the Key board threw NewEgg which arrived today .

    anyway , the point of my post was to ask, What did you get ? the 700T is not going to be released until June?

    The Transformer Prime that I have is awesome , and I have to thank my wife who got it for me .

    So let us know



  9. Ever try to do this with the USPS? Typically the package is delivered about 24-48 hours before their tracking tool tells you it’s going to be……wonder why they are going out of business ???

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