Doppler And The Hallway Turnaround (video)

In the upstairs hallway she does a few 360s so I can catch up. Why? I don’t know, but it’s sweet and she’s predictable.

Every night when we head upstairs Doppler sprints ahead of me. In the upstairs hallway she does a few 360s so I can catch up. Why? I don’t know, but it’s sweet and she’s predictable.

See for yourself!

27 thoughts on “Doppler And The Hallway Turnaround (video)”

  1. How sweet! Knows just how and where to go, ending up in her very own place. Isn’t it amazing how much joy they can bring to us, in little ways and big ones.

  2. She’s saying “Hurry up, Dad”! Looks like she loves that bed. I don’t know how you keep from squeezing her to pieces and smothering her with kisses! You got a gem there, Geoff! 🙂

  3. Geoff from what I saw you told her to go up stairs that to her is a signal/command. A happy one but still it your permission to join you. One she get to the top you told her to do the 360ties so she did. But if you watch this video closely every time she did it she looked up to you for some kind of praise then she did it again. So whether you realize it or not your the one who who is telling her it’s ok!
    Yes it is very cute, and so is she!
    Best of luck with Dopler.

  4. Love how she waits for you to catch up, and then goes right to her bed and curls up, then stretches out for a last belly rub. Beyond adorable and cute!! She is a wiinner in so many ways

  5. She is so cute!! My great dane does the same thing…but then he gets on the bed and under the covers 🙂 You guys made such a great choice of puppers!! FYI the Great Dane Club of Oxford is holding a 3 show dog show this weekend at Paws n Effect in Hamden…you are more than welcome to come on down, it is free and you will get to see some of the top 20 danes from the USA who are showing. There are 78 dogs entered. We start at 8:30 am Sat!
    Bring Doppler she can make new friends.

  6. That is SO adorable! Our Bailey will get impatient if my daughter Alexis stays up past “bedtime” she will wait a the top of the stairs and go back and forth to her and then the stairs as if to say “come on I am ready”. Doppler is just too cute! So happy for you and Helaine!!!

  7. How cute! She could be my Romeo’s sister. Except he is a bischon! He too knows goes to bed and he can also spin around in a circle waiting for me to catch him. Doppler is so cute waiting for that belly rub, my dog expects the same thing. Enjoy every minute!

  8. Doppler looks like SUCH a happy pup these days! It’s wonderful knowing you and your wife rescued her and opened up your home and hearts to her.

  9. Geoff,

    I love the video and when she went in her bed and she
    waited for her. I have 3 dogs and I swear they are almost human
    I love them so.

  10. She’s making sure you are coming…my dog used to do the same thing with me. I miss her so much. Doppler and those big beautiful eyes, I wanted to rub that belly myself! Thank you for sharing.

  11. Doppler loves her some daddy for sure. I think daddy loves him some Doppler too. WHat a great little dog and best friend you have. But- how do you get anything done? I would spend 90% of the time kissing that face !

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