Bad Mood

I’m in a bad mood today. Mostly it stems from a dispute I’m having with company that doesn’t want to keep up its end of its warranty. I’m hoping they step up and take responsibility. I’ve always been happy with their gear. There’s no sense in naming names right now.

It’s funny how bad moods work. They envelop you.

Even though this dispute is a tiny part of my life it’s now affecting everything I do. The amount of stress it’s causing me is irrationally high, but I still can’t de-stress.

There’s a lesson to be learned here. I shouldn’t sweat the small stuff. Easier said than done.

For the last year I’ve been trying really hard to stay stress free. Mostly it’s worked. Hopefully this setback is temporary.

9 thoughts on “Bad Mood”

  1. That WAS my New Year’s resolution too. Not working out well for me either. Big stuff? No stress? Little stuff? Stupid stuff? Stresses me out! Ah, to be human…

  2. Jeff – when we over-react to the small stuff, it is a sign of a greater issue. Take a deep breath and the time to look at what might be really bothering you. This should allow you to move past it.

  3. Geoff, I think the above post is close to the point. Ive been following your posts long enough to say that the issue your upset about is “The last straw”in a long list of stresses.i mean just over the past few months you have mentioned your parents and changing your eating habits. Maybe you should go over your writings and make a list of what was stressful. You may be surprised your not overreacting.The list may help sort things out,and just maybe make you feel that you can get past your slump.its about addressing each thing seperate and not becoming overwhelmed.

  4. It makes sense considering all the changes you have been through the past year, your commitment to try and stay stress free. You have handled all that life has thrown at you with grace and dignity. There are days, even though I know what is bothering me is not really THAT important in the greater scheme of things, that “thing” can get the better of me. Do some walking, or some yoga…exercise always is a good de-stress-er!

  5. I like what “Kuteskatergirl” wrote. When we’ve been dealing well with bigger issues, whatever they may be, sometimes its a smaller issue that throws us for a loop. It’s a wake up call to let us know that no matter how “well” we are handling the big stuff…it’s still stressful stuff. Time to hug the dog, take a walk, watch a movie that makes you laugh or cry (or both), whatever helps relieve the pressure. Feel better soon!

  6. Geoff

    Why not identify the company that has not followed through on their warranty. In the “computer age”, negative publicity by credible sources – like yourself – is valuable to all readers. If you are unhappy with a specific firm, I know that fact would impact my buying decisions.

    I follow a daily newspaper column called Action Line. Amazing how many long running problems are resolved, after (or just before) being posted.


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