Think Of It As A Photo Op

We haven’t had a lot of snow this year (since October) so I decided to throw my camera in the car for the trip to work.

Yesterday’s forecast for this morning was mostly on target.

Snow should start in the middle of the night. It will be snowing in most of inland Connecticut by morning drive. The Northwest Hills could have two to as much as five inches by that time. Most of the rest of inland Connecticut will be in the slushy to an inch or two range.

It doesn’t take much. All the slippery is in the first ¼ inch. With that in mind there will be a lot of slippery.

On the shoreline? Not for you this time!

Ouch! That was the big blow. There was snow across much of the shoreline.

Your gigantic snowflakes told the story. The temperature along the Sound was just on the edge. It just wasn’t the edge I expected.

We haven’t had a lot of snow this year (since October) so I decided to throw my camera in the car for the trip to work. It wasn’t a picture postcard day.

The snow made things interesting, but mist and low clouds persisted even when the snow stopped. When there’s lots of moisture in the air blacks disappear from photos! I did my best to help reinstate them.

7 thoughts on “Think Of It As A Photo Op”

  1. Geoff, I wanted to personally thank you for being so on the ball with your forecasts. After your post last night about slick roads, I decided to call up my guys and have them come in late last night to get trucks ready to plow this morning. Needless to say they weren’t happy about it and thought I was crazy. At 330 this morning we were the only company in Newtown on the roads and I was getting calls from other plow guys at 6 am asking “where did this come from!?” Thanks to your call, we saved time and money. Well done, sir

  2. Nice pictures, Geoff. And don’t let Mother Nature’s unpredictability get you down. You’ve said it before – you can only work with the data you have.

  3. Both pics are beautiful, but the one of the horses is wonderful! The shades of color of the horses, along with the snow on the bare trees just describe the weather of the day so well. And I love the “nose to nose!”

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