Child Update

I just spoke with the child. I can’t always write about her, but have been given permission tonight. She is in Las Vegas. She is on location. Production begins tomorrow.

Stef moved to California a few years ago. I’d like to tell you I helped get her first job. I cannot. I tried. She got it on her own.

For the last year and a half she’s been the assistant to the principals in a busy production company. They do reality shows. They have at least a handful in various stages of planning or production that I know about. Stef’s office was on a small studio lot in Hollywood. Disney Channel shoots a few shows there.

She lives in Hollywood too. She’s in an apartment where everyone looks like they’re from central casting and no one has any body fat.

Stef has been promoted to associate producer. She’s out in the field helping make sure all the pieces come together.

I can’t divulge the show she’s with. It’s on a major pay channel where it’s run a few seasons already.

When you’re on the road for an extended stay the production company arranges for housing. Stef’s staying in a suite in a nice hotel. This will be her home for six weeks. She says it’s the nicest hotel room she’s ever been in.

Tomorrow is their first shooting day. They’ll be out-of-doors walking through Vegas with cameras rolling. I’m guessing Stef will be doing a lot of walking backwards.

Her boyfriend and dog are both back in L.A. That part is tough.

5 thoughts on “Child Update”

  1. Considering how I remember her as a little bitty girl…I suddenly feel SO old. You must be proud, though.


  2. I have a neice whose husband is in that business. When he works he makes big money when he doesn’t it gets kinda tight. Like they say “You can make a killing but, you can’t make a living”

  3. Damn, you got me at “boyfriend.” I have an eligible son in Las Vegas. He’s a photojournalist and is the bureau chief for Getty Images in Las Vegas. Just sayin’…………. Hope Stef will enjoy her time there.

  4. A friend’s ex is a producer on “Love & Hip-Hop” on VH1. The stories that come out of there are epic. It’s a tough life with a brutal schedule, but then you get to spend chunks of time in places like Vegas. 🙂 Good for Stef!

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