The Campaign Is Underway

Election season is underway. I just saw an article talking about sniping TV ads from the presidential candidates. We will see few of those in Connecticut.

Nobody loves us!

Connecticut will go Democratic. Both campaigns believe this. Neither feels the outcome can be changed. Why piss away your bankroll?

Where there is a contest the ads will be gonzo! Not only will the candidates be buying spots, so will non-aligned Super PACs. Viewers in Ohio and other states up-for-grabs won’t see many commercials for local businesses. Pols will dominate the airwaves.

There is no other product sold (and politicians are certainly being sold in TV ads) that uses as much negative advertising! Being the lesser of the evils seems to be the technique of choice. Much of the scorched Earth rhetoric heard and read from partisans on both sides is fueled by that negative advertising.

The whole system is ridiculous and ill suited for 2012. Don’t expect it to change.

Those who exert an disproportional amount of power will never give it up.

3 thoughts on “The Campaign Is Underway”

  1. Its really sad how political campaigns have become. Its no longer what the candidate wants/can to do for you if elected. Its about how much each candidate can trash the other in a 30 second spot. Its gotten to the point when I see a campaign commercial on, I immediately turn it off. Its Pathetic!

  2. All this campaigning for our votes is meaningless. The popular vote doesn’t count. The Electoral College votes in the president. The Electoral College vote HAS gone against the popular vote in the past, so why are we voting for the President?

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