Nothing Is Ever Easy!

This past weekend I ran into Sanaa and her family at the Daffodil Festival. When Sanaa saw me she couldn’t wait to say, “Don’t go to sleep yet.” It was cool enough to record then play back on-the-air.

My producers liked it. They wanted to know if I could do it again? This is why Hollywood makes sequels, right?

I didn’t want to make it into a big deal or commit long term so last night I asked one of our editors to have a friend at UCONN record the words. Tonight I leaned on my friend Renee. If I continue I’ll figure out a way to open it up for self nomination.

Getting what I want is not as easy as it seems!

Last night we went through three or four takes trying to get Kyle’s call. I need to see exuberant energy. Most people don’t think in those terms. Kyle needed to be gently cajoled.

Tonight we’re on Take 4! This time it’s getting the words right that’s the problem. I say them every night, but they’re cumbersome if you’re not used to it.

If I can figure out a painless way to accomplish this I’ll continue, but right now 5 seconds of airtime is taking hours.

In the meantime here is Renee’s for tonight. She’s so sweet. It’s going to be tough to stop.

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