Prince Charles Does The Weather!

Seriously, I was totally prepared to write an entry making fun of Chuck. Can I call him Chuck? No? OK, I was prepared to make fun of Prince Charles who stood before his subjects and the chromakey to deliver the weather for Scotland on the BBC.

Wow! He sounds exactly like Prince Charles should sound. He did a really good job. If this prince thing doesn’t work out he has a future.

Unlike the US the weathercasters in Britain read from a script in the TelePrompter. Here we all ad lib. That’s a tougher job, but I’m not sure Charles couldn’t have done that either.

I am impressed.

7 thoughts on “Prince Charles Does The Weather!”

  1. Hey, Geoff, watching it brings up a suggestion: when will you do a segment on chromakey itself? How it works and the technology behind it would be interesting done on the same set people see it used every time they watch.

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