Heading South.. . If I Can Leave Connecticut

I’m at Gate 30 at Bradley.  This is mainly unfamiliar territory for me.  I am flying to West Palm Beach via Charlotte.  Delayed!

I got a call least night during the news.  My mom slipped or fell and was taken to the hospital.  She is there now.

There’s not much else I can say.  What’s put my mom in the hospital is just a piece in the spiral of health issues that come with age.

22 thoughts on “Heading South.. . If I Can Leave Connecticut”

  1. Prayers for a quick and full recovery for your mom and wisdom for those who treat her… Blessings as you travel.

  2. Thoughts and prayers with her and all of your family as you travel… not a good Mother’s Day for her but it is very good you can all be together… that will brighten her day. God speed and travel safely.

  3. Sorry to hear about Mom. I know what you mean about the aging spiral. My folks are 88 and 92. I’m the oldest of 5 sibs. Suddenly it’s all turned around. The one’s who used to take care of us…well now we’re taking care of them. I hope she’s on the mend. It’s so hard long distance. Safe journey…

  4. Geoff,
    Hope that you arrived safely and it’s not to serious with your mom. Will be thinking of you and your family in my prayers.

  5. Geoff, So sorry to hear about your Mom. Prayers for your Mom’s recovery. Prayers for you and your family also.

  6. Sending prayers and warm wishes your way. It is tough to worry about our parents the way they used to worry about us. At least you will be able to spend Mother’s Day with her and I’m sure that will help immensely. Keep us posted when you can.

  7. We’re sorry to hear the news and the timing is not good for it being Mothers Day. We hope she will be OK.

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