Monday At The Hospital

We’re back in the hospital.  I hope my mom slept well. I didn’t.  My guess is my father didn’t either.

A small city of ancillary offices has grown around this hospital. There are physicians offices of every type, mostly in small standalone buildings. Law offices too.  It’s the medical-industrial complex!

I am confused by our hospital system.  There are volunteers all over this place.  At the same time the CEO makes more than $2 million a year. That seems anti-intuitive at best.

My mom doesn’t want to be here.  I can’t blame her.  Who would?

Her IVs are off.  She is lying in bed waiting. No one’s sure what she’s waiting for.  I am not sure what the plans are for her release.

We need to speak to the physician’s assistant to understand more about what’s going on over the short term.

My dad and I visited a rehab facility yesterday.  That seems the likely next step. She’s not ready to come directly home.

We are all in uncharted territory.  Neither my dad nor I know what choices we’ll be given much less the decisions we’ll make.

Growing old is no fun.

13 thoughts on “Monday At The Hospital”

  1. It’s a crazy system Geoff. It’s even scarier when people such as myself work in these places and still don’t understand how it all works.

    Best of luck to your mother, yourself and the rest of your family during this whole process. Hopefully everything works out for you guys.

  2. My heart goes out to you and your family. I’ve been through this, first with my father after his stroke, and my mom after she fell and broke a bone in her foot. I hope your mother rehabs quickly and can return home very soon.

  3. Will keep your mom and all of you in our prayers-you are right it is no fun and frustrating! My dad who is 92 broke his hip a little over a year ago-up til then was doing pretty well despite having a mini stroke a few years back plus some other health issues. The day he fell he was down in my basement painting a picture and making a frame for it. Anyway-he ended up in a nursing home for rehab and thought he’d be home within a month-but because of other health issues he never came home. It near broke my heart-I’m an only child and daddy’s girl! We see him when we can-but it is heartbreaking-he has become more adjusted to being there-but still yearns to come home. We are VERY fortunate to have him in an excellent facility tho-the staff for the most part is great (there are always a few who are obnoxious everyplace) -and so many have told us how much they love my dad-which is a comfort! Anyway-sure do understand your plight-and as I said will keep you all in our prayers-for comfort, strength and guidance what to do next!

  4. Hi Geoff,
    Get her out of Florida and bring her home to Connecticut. Say what you want about Connecticut,but we have far better medical care for the elderly than Florida.I was very young when my parents pasted but they were both here and were taken care of to the bestof the hospitals ability. Please get her back here.

  5. Hang in there Jeff, you are there for them and that is wonderful!
    The decisions will fall into place, you will see.
    Take care.

  6. Tough decisions…FL or CT…close to you or disrupt Dad and Mom’s Fl life????? There is no one size fits all…you will make the decisions right for you and your folks…It takes clear thinking and research on the pros and cons of the alternatives….Bless all…Hugs and prayers…

  7. Geoff~ my hubby is a PA with 35 yrs of experience. If you or Dad need help translating the jargon or figuring out where the best rehab places are, feel free to em me. Unfortunately, you are in the majority when it comes to being lost in the medical maze. Good luck and healing thoughts to your Mom.

  8. Hang in there Geoff.The hardest part is to hear them plead to be taken home.My mom did,but didn’t get to.It broke my heart.But she’s thrilled that you are with while she’s I’ll.Best wishes sent your way for her speedy recovery.

  9. Still praying Geoff. The only advice I have is if she goes to rehab, advocate for her, pop in at different times, different shifts to get a good feel for the place. The “squeaky” family gets the care.

  10. Geoff, keeping you and yours in my thoughts and prayers. My only advice is to keep asking questions and ask for help. Ask the same question of different shifts and the answers will come. None of the answers are easy but you will know what is right and when. Wherever you decide to be, see if you can get Dad his own transportation to see Mom, with a companion/homemaker. It really gives people a boost to have the support and transportation of a companion. Ok so I admit i am a Companion, but I’m just passing on ideas, not looking for a job. You are right, it sucks to grow old:-(

  11. Geoff, ask about MONEY FOLLOWS THE PERSON — basically it says your mum’s insurance/monies should follow her where ever she goes… whether it is a rehab and then home… and home companions are WONDERFUL… just like family (when you are lucky!) and they’ll even do light household chores to help your Dad as well… it’s just another safety net to keep them safe in their own home as long as possible… and Geoff, when you’re not sure which way to decide, just ask how you would like to be dealt with if you were in your Mum’s place… and you’ll get it right.

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