Quinnipiac Builds The Perfect Place For Photography (With Proof)

Sleeping Giant panorama

Is there any place beautiful as Connecticut? Sometimes the weather sucks, but the scenery is always awesome.

Today wasn’t just a beautiful Saturday, it was a photo beautiful Saturday!

Humidity was low. Skies were blue. There were scattered clouds! Clouds are necessary for beauty shots because they add contrast and highlights to the otherwise homogeneous blue.

I threw some lenses into my small bag, dropped the top on my car and headed to the York Hill Campus at Quinnipiac University. QU built this addition a few years ago. It has amazing views!

In the past I drove behind the TD Bank Sports Center and looked south. Not today. Alan Chaniewski, a incredibly skillful photographer who shoots for the Courant every day and obviously enjoys his time with a camera in his hands, suggested the top of the parking garage.

Damn! The place was totally deserted, there’s easy access and unlimited vistas. The garage is meant for photography.

I picked a few landmarks and calculated distance. Otis Tower in Bristol–19 miles. There were distant mountains behind it. I’d like to bring a tripod and photograph lightning when there are thunderstorms around Hartford or farther north. It would be amazing from there.

The New Haven skyline–8 miles. It dominates the southern view.

Among the things I created today was the Photosynth panorama you see below. If you zoom in you will see the image in very high detail.

We live less than five minutes from where these photos were shot. I understand how lucky I am.

My best eight shots follow.









4 thoughts on “Quinnipiac Builds The Perfect Place For Photography (With Proof)”

  1. Wow! You were at one of my favorite places. That photo of the red farmhouse, along with its foreground and background, is a view I always love while driving up and down that long hilly road. You truly got an awesome shot there.

  2. When my son Paul was visiting frm CA that is one of the places I took him to. He loved it and took many shots.

  3. Those are some remarkable shots Geoff! Saturday was an awesome day weather wise. Clear viability, low humidity. Absolutlely perfect. Thanks for sharing

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