Very Brief Post Supreme Court Rant

The Supreme Court ruled on health care today. Have you turned on the news? There’s just as much sniping and arguing as there was yesterday.

Stop it!

I was an active union member. I negotiated contracts where management was dead set against everything we wanted. In turn there was lots they did want, but nothing we’d give up! We still reached agreement and worked together.

Republicans, this is now settled law. It’s over. Move on. Oops.

Remember Bush v. Gore? You owe the Democrats this and a little more.

If you win the next election, fine. I get it. That’s what elections are far.

Right now, enough.

17 thoughts on “Very Brief Post Supreme Court Rant”

  1. Geoff

    I stopped watching Channel 8 over politics, aka when Geoff (and a few other) were let go. Then Mel Goldstein OPENLY Gloated over how great your replacement was, which led me to stop watching TV 8 news (still the case).

    I hope that your above post is a RARE (last?) example of Geoff’s politcal Gloating. I have been a daily reader of your interesting blog for many years. Still, I am not interested in reading your gloatng, on a subject I find repulsive. Even Obama’s denied THAT “^&%%^” plan was a TAX – the specific basis for it’s court acceptance. Hopefully I will be able to post a follow-up post, Gloating, after Novemeber.


    PS: Looking for some more interesting Geoff posts? As a NYY fan, I would enjoy an update on how the 2012 Philly’s are doing??

    1. Dave – Not gloating. I just think it’s time to move on. The example I used was Democrats accepting the court’s decision on Bush v Gore (or Citizens United). Sometimes decisions go against you and you move on.

      The Phillies suck this season. Maybe with Utley back and Howard soon to return there will be improvement. They’ve dug quite a hole. I’ve never seen a team lose more one run games.

  2. It’s not gloating to say that Obama care is now settled law. I don’t like elements of it, but it is over. Time to figure out what it will actually mean and if it sucks, work to change the law.

  3. Please, i’m so sick of hearing the few people that can’t stand Obama complain about every little thing he does.

  4. Wouldn’t it be easier to swallow if you were in the emergency room and it was filled with people you “normally” assume have no insurance -vs- knowing that they have some sort of insurance and YOUR not paying the entire bill for them or the hospital has to eat the cost of their treatment? I agree with you 100% Geoff Geez people get a grip.

  5. Scott

    I am awaiting President Romney to merely declare he will not enforce the Obama health care law. Barry has already set a precident that the president does not need inforce LAWS that he disagrees with, witness the recent free pass to the illegals.

    1. And Romney getting elected and doing that would be a surprise to no one. However, what President Obama did was not a precedent. Please read (as I have) this paper from April 2011 to better understand.

      Before I go, Don, Mr. Obama is the President of the United States. This country and that office deserve your respect. Please read back through this blog and note my respect toward President Bush even though I felt he squandered America’s good name and fortune.

      Calling the president Barry reflects poorly on you, not him.

    1. Mr. Romney is not a joke. We just disagree with his idea (and in general the Republican’s idea) of what would be success for the American economy. He is not an inherently bad man and his plans aren’t evil. They’re just not what I feel is best.

        1. I don’t think he’s a stupid man, if that’s what you’re saying. He and I just don’t share the same sensibilities as far as business is concerned. I don’t have the stomach to earn money the way he earned it.

  6. Politics, In general, is a joke. And, unfortunately, we get to stand in the front row and take the beating, like pawns in chess…

    Yup, enough. But, I still will defend Geoff’s (and everyone else’s) absolute right to talk about it…as long as we stay polite.

    We all get to do something about it come election time in November. And with that, I will shut up on the subject…

  7. Sadly I think this is just round two of a very long fight. Geoff and I do not agree on some items when it comes to Politics, but I do agree it’s time to move on. (at least until after the election), Also I do not think the post was gloating, just a statement of his views.

    I was an elected official (85 – 2001) at a time when you could express your views and still be respectful to the opposition, and even work together on common ground issues. I hope someday soon we can return to common sense politics. (well I can dream at least) 🙂

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