The Signs Our Cruise Is Coming To An End

We’ll be off the ship in less than 24 hours. That’s sad, but no regrets. This has been a great cruise and a great vacation.

Our ship, Golden Princess, is spectacular. It’s large. There are times (though not often) when you look around and say, “Wow, there are lots of people here.” Most of the time there’s plenty of room.

Having a balcony is a luxury, absolutely. I, much more than Helaine, have taken advantage of that.

The ship is beautifully maintained. You can’t walk through the Golden Princess without seeing someone vacuuming or polishing or (if you’re on deck) painting. Raul, our room steward, fixes the room and brings fresh towels twice a day.

The food has been excellent, though we grew tired of the pace and formality of the dining room. For the past few days we’ve eaten all our meals at the buffet. Secret: it’s same food! Last night we had lobster tails… and it was much easier for us to get seconds and thirds!

We haven’t taken full advantage of the entertainment. We’ve gone to none of the review shows. These usually feature an ensemble cast of eager young singers and dancers. We did see an illusionist and comedian. Both were very good.

There are spots on the ship I still haven’t visited! There’s a nightclub high above the ship’s stern in a structure that looks like an autombile’s rear spoiler. I couldn’t tell you how to get there though one afternoon I tried!

There’s an immense movie screen above the pool midship on Deck 14. They show movies ‘under the stars.’ The lounge chairs are covered and blankets handed out for warmth. It looks like a blast. We haven’t gotten around to it.

Everywhere you look there are signs the end is near. I had to cash out my poker account at the casino. As is often the case I did better in cash games than tournaments. Even with the ship’s high ‘rake’ I was able to cash out a profit of $9.50! I’ll try not to spend it in one place.

I played a lot less poker than usual, probably because the poker table was mostly empty.

Folks are settling their onboard tabs. We don’t drink, but it’s my understanding it’s significantly more expensive drinking here than onshore.

People have also been buying at the shops and art auctions and have to settle up.

Why buy here? It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure this is among the world’s most expensive stores.

There’s an old joke about Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills. “They’re having a big sale,” it begins. “Everything’s marked down to retail!” Same thing here.

Cloudy skies have returned. We’re hoping it’s dry tonight in Victoria. We’re going to Boucher Gardens. Think of it as a treat for “Clicky.

The time difference makes it tough to get to Connecticut from Seattle on a Saturday afternoon. We’ll spend the day exploring the city, see the Mariners play the Rangers and leave early Sunday morning. ATC willing we’ll be reunited with Doppler before the Sun sets.

6 thoughts on “The Signs Our Cruise Is Coming To An End”

  1. I’ve enjoyed your cruise! Husband and I have always said we want to do an Alaskan cruise and we have family in the Seattle (two birds/one stone). Our 25th is next year so maybe it’s time to suggest, plan and save!

  2. All good things must come to an end. Thsnk you so much for sharing your vacation with us. I really enjoyed your narrations and especially enjoyed the photographs.

  3. Glad you had a great time – absolutely can’t say thanks enough for sharing it w/ us online. And I look forward to more great pics. It’ll be good to see you Fox on FOX… travel safe!

  4. I have to tell you, it was good to see our weatherman wearing a winter coat in July… Made me feel that SOMEDAY I might be able to turn off the air conditioner…. My electric bill makes me hostile…..

  5. You’ll LOVE Boucher Gardens. We were there about 6 years ago in July! Beautiful! Clicky will LOVE LOVE LOVE it! There’s a butterfly place nearby too. Have fun!

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