I’ve Got A Cold

The wastebasket under my desk is starting to fill up. Tissues. I’ve got a summer cold. That sucks.

I just went to take a photo of the discarded tissue collection and thought the better of it. I’ll use the box instead. You’re welcome.

Like most colds this one has come in stages. The sore throat started a few days ago. By this afternoon it was fading, but almost immediately the sneezing began. I’m not stuffed yet, but that surely comes next.

I’ve got zinc lozenges I’m sucking on. They come from GNC, therefore suspect to me. That shows the depth of my desire to somehow get the better of the cold. I’m willing to do stuff I don’t believe will work!

I might take Sudafed or one of the “quils.” I have no faith in them either.

I’ve just come back from a week’s vacation. An arm will have to fall off before I take a day off from work.

You would think someone would have a cure for the common cold by now. Wouldn’t this be the shortcut to the world’s riches? What would be a bigger seller?

Until then I’ll be worshiping the team that invented Kleenex Lotion tissues and kvetching.

You may start saying, “Aw, poor baby.”

17 thoughts on “I’ve Got A Cold”

  1. They can put a man on the moon but still no cure for the common cold. The best thing to do is cuddle up with your pooch. Dog kisses cure everything.

  2. Awwww, poor baby! Zinc lozenges, vitamin C, plenty of fluids, sunshine, and sleep…..and don’t forget chicken soup! Hope you feel better soon.

  3. Geoff:
    Awe poor baby! Sorry your feeling “under the weather”. I had that cold about 3 weeks ago. It makes you feel really, really tired and drained. Was in bed for 3 days. Really take care of yourself because with this cold it attacks whatever your weakness is. Mine is bronchitis. Got that. It is also very contagious. I can even pin point especially where I got it. Lady handed my coffee to me at Dunkin Donuts and she sounds really sick. Was debating if I should have drank that coffee that day. I even said to myself. “Boy she sounds horrible. If I get sick in 3-5 days, I know where I got it.” Bingo!!!!! Everyone in my house got it. 5 people. If you don’t feel a bit better in 3 days and are getting worse, go to the doctor.
    Have some tea, Mucinex DM, tynenol and rest. Take care.

  4. Get a netti pot Geoff. I would constantly get sinus infections from my allergies and end up on antibiotics. My doctor suggested a netti pot, and I went a whole year without a bad cold, or sinus infection. You can find them at Stop and Shop or CVS……you will be able to breathe and get a good night’s sleep!!!!

  5. Geoff, I went on quite a few cruises for awhile. I never came back well. I always got sick during or after the cruise. I’ve always thought it was the closed air system on the ship or airplane.

  6. Hope you don’t have a “cruise” bug! But, there has been a terible upper respiratory thing going around – lasts three weeks or longer (speaking from experience which included four doctor visits and a trip to the ER!)The doc said could be a form of pertussis, or what they are calling “the 100 day cough” Hope it is just a little cold. Feel better soon!

  7. Always seems the better the vacation trip, the faster the cold comes on when I get home. Not fun, but lots of OJ, chicken soup and lozenges. And, of course, those Kleenex tissues! Feel better soon.

  8. That’s too bad! It always seems to take me off my “vacation high” when I catch a cold so shortly after it.
    I don’t think my family has ever traveled without someone coming down with something after the trip – I figure it’s all the travel germs.
    Better a cold than Vertigo. That was the special illness my husband “came down with” after a vacation one year. Fun times fun times.

  9. I believe your cold came from your vacation. You went through extremes in temperature and time change. Lack of rest, my dear. Awwww…..take care, drink fluids and get plenty of rest. the resting is the KEY;-)

  10. I have a sinus issue every time I fly but I don’t have to go be on the air when I’m sick. You did sound stuffy, but professional, this afternoon when you were keeping us up to date on the thunderstorms. Love the tissues with lotion! Drink, drink, drink and get some rest. Oh, and thanks for staying on the air today.

  11. I THOUGHT you sounded like you had a cold this afternoon!! My first thought was “airplane and/or change of climate,” but considering how bad the kid sounded who waited on my friend in Walmart last week and how many times he pulled tissues out of his pocket to wipe his nose, and how the check-out clerks in my local market are sneezing in stereo, I think yeah – there IS a bad summer cold going around. Probably being indoors in the AC maybe? I hope I don’t get it, summer colds suck. Anyway, here’s my script: Halls Mentholyptus for sore throat and/or congestion (preferably the ones with syrup center); one of the “Quils” just for general feeling better from aches and sneezing and congestion; Vicks Vaporub anytime you’re not going out; liquids; and rest and time. And don’t get too close to anybody. Except baby dog of course.

  12. I agree with Pamela. I’ve known lots of people who return from vacation and come down with a cold. Closed spaces with lots of people, perhaps not enough rest, not eating our normal healthy diet, forgetting to take our health supplements regularly while ‘away’….I think all of these contribute. I do believe the zinc may help to shorten the number of days you’ll suffer. And don’t forget your liquids – chicken soup really works!

    Feel better. 🙂

  13. Hey hope your all doing well i just got this thing last week I think from someone at starbucks same deal as the dunkin donuts comment this guy was really sick , sneezing and caughing, i think he transfered it to my cup?,I did get back from a cruse on the 23 from mexico what a rip off no wonder our government thinks we are so stupid you guys will spend anything when your on vacation and smile about it ,people need to wake up and quit letting people rip you off, allot of smooth talkers out their beware,back to the cold it sucks , rest chicken soup and zinc yep thats it and while your resting watch the movie ethos with woody herrelson, and the movie thrive and wake up . Love ya Rich

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