Kvetching My Way Home

Greetings from Gate E69 at General Billy Mitchell Airport in Milwaukee.  The trip home is underway.

My sciatica has gotten worse.  There is  now  a  constant dull pain which goes nuts if I attempt to sit or stand. I am not looking forward to my two flights or the drive home.

My sister had some pain meds left over from knee surgery. I’m breaking some law at the moment, right?

Once again the TSA allowed me to wear my shoes through screening and swabbed me for explosives. Delta will let me preboard. I am thankful for small favors.

I texted my boss to say I won’t be in tomorrow.  I texted Dr. Steve to let him know I’d be calling for assistance in the morning.

In spite of the pain I’m glad we came.  Spending this time with my family was very special.

Now someone’s got to find a way to stop this hurting.  It has gotten old in a hurry. 

12 thoughts on “Kvetching My Way Home”

  1. Geoff, gosh I know exactly how awful that pain is….and how hard it is to get any kind of comfort. Hope your Doctor can get you some relief soon……

  2. Ouch!! I could never begin to imagine what sciatica pain feels like! I have had lower back pain but nothing even close to what you are feeling based on your description of it. Hopefully you won’t need surgery, but whatever your doctor and you decide, I wish you a speedy recovery and hope you feel better real soon!!!

  3. I know the pain of Sciatica very well, Geoff. A good choropractor can/will work wonders for it…and no surgery is needed. Something is not lined up right and the chiropractor’s manipulations repositions things properly. Pain meds just cover things up for a while, they don’t take care of the cause the way the chiropractor does.

  4. When I had a pinched nerve in my back that was almost bad enough to require surgery a TENS unit saved my sanity and let me sleep.

  5. I feel your pain….well, not yours, but mine. I am much much better now, but in the past it has been horrible. I suspect the doctor will suggest a prednisone injection next. It helps a lot, and as Barbara (above) said, it is almost instantaneous relief. Meanwhile, you have the flight home and the drive from the airport to deal with. Let us know tomorrow what Dr. Steve says.

  6. Thinking good thoughts for you on your way
    home especially hard to deal with when your
    in a plane. Good luck tomorrow with Dr. Steve.

  7. Geoff,be very careful with sciatica. 3 years ago my boss had it and refused to let herself rest and follow dr’s orders. He said rest and off your feet for 2 weeks. She insisted on returning to work after only one week and now has permanent damage and in quite a bit of pain most days. Whatever doctor says please listen.

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