Nothing I Want To Talk About

My sciatica continues. The pain is awful.

Though I appreciate all your advice I’ve noticed much of it is mutually exclusive! I will try and follow my doctor’s orders and hope for the best.

If you have an enemy, someone you really hate, and you’re looking to wish them ill may I suggest you wish sciatica on them!

10 thoughts on “Nothing I Want To Talk About”

  1. I agree Geoff. Would not wish that pain on anyone! At least anyone I like!! My ex husband actually apologized to me a few years back when he hurt his back and was experiencing the pain that I dealt with for years….he did not get it until he had it himself. He actually made his friend drive him to the ER he said it was so awful….Feel better!!!

  2. Geoff from one Ham to another, see a Chiropractor if you haven’t already done so.

    73 de WB2EQE
    retired Chiropractic Physician
    Torrington CT

  3. Really feel your pain Geoff! have had sciatica for years. Comes and goes. I’ve been to Doctors, Chiropractors and the only thing that helped me was Physical therapy a couple times a week till I felt better. They gave me so exercises to do at home and when I feel a flare up I do the exercises. Not saying it will help you but it did for me. Hope you feel better.

  4. Geoff:
    My wife, Dee, had severe sciatica for well over ten years, she finally went to a well known surgeon in Danbury who performed a micro-discectomy on her, right after this past Christmas. Outpatient surgery!! Carefully followed the post operative plan … within 45 days ..TOTALLY PAIN FREE!!!!!
    She’s been that way ever since!!! I might add that she’s a matured working woman, and a wonderful wife and homemaker. It’s truly been a miracle for the both of us!! Don’t mess around, see this Dr. and get your life back to normal.
    73 de NIHUV (Dick Ruscoe)
    P.S. contact me if you want the name of the surgeon, he’s quite famous .

  5. this mean you wont be at boxboro this weekend. know how that pain is, i see everyone is saying see a chiropractor, i did but it was the worse thing i did, was going twice a week would start feeling good but as soon as i went and he would do whatever and i would be back to square one with the pain when i left every time. finally did what the doctor said rest , excersize for the back and wore a brace for a few months.

  6. So I understand how you can be inundated with advice and choose not to be distracted from your doctor’s recommendations but…Remember – “The mark of true insanity is to keep doing the same thing and expect different results.” You need to stretch out the muscles putting pressure on the nerve. Give it a try. Go to a professional if you want to be sure you are stretching the right muscle – but do it. Here is one Doctor’s recommendation. Remember we who have been there don’t want you to suffer when you do not have to.

    1. Celeste, you are so correct — this not only oxygenates the muscles and nerves, it opens up the area for a bulging disk to pop back IN (hopefully). I have had sciatica too…like a toothache going down the leg. AWFUL pain. I am not one for chiropractors because of frightening family experiences, so I went for physical therapy. Started off very, very gentle. It took awhile, but I got better — though it pops out again now and then. I’d definitely suggest this for Geoff.

  7. You may need an MRI or Catscan……they didn’t find my problem with just an xray…….25 years ago it was a Catscan. How did this happen? The garden? Doing too much? How does the doc explain it? Mine was from car accident mostly.

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