Now We Know Why I Hurt

The best way to describe my state of mind is “Ouch!” I am on a first name basis with pain. The simple term is sciatica, but today was the day I discovered the three herniated disks at the root of my problem.

I should have taken an MRI yesterday. I would have taken an MRI yesterday. Instead I panicked!

“You’re not claustrophobic,” I was asked by everyone involved in the MRI process. Originally I wasn’t, but their suggestion was enough. I bolted.

Today I came back well prepared. Along with the Vicodin I’d taken for pain I swallowed two Xanax for anxiety.

My appointment was 12:45. By 12:30 I no longer qualified as a fully functional member of society. My speech was slurred. My walk was wobbly. I looked like surveillance tape from a sobriety checkpoint!

The drugs and a sleeping mask Helaine found worked perfectly. I laid back and let the MRI proceed. Along with placing you in a slender tube an MRI subjects you to loud noise. The Xanax put it out of whatever functioning mind I had left.

The good news is we now have a better idea what’s causing the pain. The bad news it isn’t the right time for physical therapy yet.

For the next few days I’ll do everything possible to avoid irritating the problem. Sitting is out! My movements will be held to a minimal.

Hopefully I’ll soon be ready for physical therapy. This stuff’s getting old in a hurry!

14 thoughts on “Now We Know Why I Hurt”

  1. Have you considered a Pain Doctor…..Are they talking surgery? take all the drugs you can get and rest! hope you are better soon.

  2. I hear your pain loud and clear, I have been a sufferer of back pain for over 32 years. I’m not saying that you will have the same results as I have over the years. The newer medicines and treatments can work wonders if the issue with the spinal pain is caught in time and it’s treated correctly. I had tried them all, numbing injections,spinal decompassion, 24 hrs back braces, mega-doses of anti-inflamatories for months, spinal fusion surgery, PT therapy daily and none of the past treatments helped much for my constant discomfort. Although it’s easy to snap open a bottle of pain meds to releive the discomfort temporarily by hiding the pain for awhile it will only come back with two added issues: same pain is the back and a highly addictive dependence to pain meds. I deal with the pain by destracting myself with internet games, reading good books on my Kindle (less moving body parts to turn pages), lying down with an ipod with me favorite music playing. It takes hours of stressfree rest and quiet to get through these current eposides that you are going through right now.. Hope you will be up and about soon and feeling like the ole Jeff again. Healing prayers are being sent your way.

  3. Have the same basic issues as you have just been diagnosed with. Two things that may help for a bit, alternating heat and cold… and be patient with yourself. The one demon ya gotta watch is “I shouldn’t have to” you may have to change the way you do things at least for now, but don’t beat yourself over it. Best wishes with your treatment.

  4. Glad to hear the vicodin and xanax worked. I actually did the exact same thing yesterday – got through the first six minutes and freaked. They told me to have my doctor get me the meds and rescheduled me for next week.

  5. Hope you heal quickly and the pain doesn’t stop your writing – still very funny. Really enjoy your sense of humor. With fall fast approaching look forward to your posts regarding Helaine and when to turn the heat on. Think you should put this all together into some form of memoir. I’d buy it.

  6. You are a better person than me Goeff! I have an annual MRI to ensure my fused neck is still in good shape, and I totally lost it when the technicial started putting a piece of headgear on my head to hold me completely still. EGADS! I had to go back a week later and be anesthetized, which is what I do every year now. Needle in the arm, I wake up and its done. Of course, I have to have a mini physical each year before hand, but its well worth it, especially when you go head first into the MRI tube. I’m shuddering just thinking about it. Hope you get some relief soon.

  7. I know your pain very well. I am presently lying down with the heating pad on my lower back. I have 4 discs with bulges, have had them for many years. A new mattress and a long car ride has brought the pain back. Seeing my MD tomorrow. My stomach doesn’t tolerate pain meds or any Aleve etc, it’s a huge problem. Hope the physical therapy works for you. Glad you made it through the MRI.

  8. Hang in there I had a sciattica attack twist me up for 12 weeks 3 yrs ago. My case I couldn’t stand up. Mine healed o n its own.

    As for the MRI I never did get to mine for a head scan, I freaked in the doc’s office then he recommended I use the sit up MRI-FONAR @ Temple in New Haven.. better idea but I couldn’t walk the 10 feet to the machine as I’m in a wheelchair.. something about the powerchair emitting RF, finally we settled for a CT scan on my side.. check on FONAR if another is needed I heard they did move a few month’s back. Google FONAR for locations..

    Take on step at a time.. the weather and jib cam are in good hands with Rachel..

    John West N1IWT
    Anne West K1STM ASM-CT Section
    Southington, CT

  9. Hi Geoff:
    Right there w/ya. I have SOME of the same symptoms on occasion. I discovered recently that I’m missing C-5 in my neck. (NEVER had it.) Odd in itself that it wasn’t discovered earlier. I believe that’s what is causing some of my intermittent neck pain. Yoga and massage helps keep me upright. Hope you’re feeling better soon.


  10. Not surprised, infact I mentioned my dilema a few months back which is the same as what you are experiencing..Never heard anything from you, but that is fine. Anyways, next time you need an MRI, go to Open MRI Of Middletown, its right off Main St. where the Destinta Theater is. 860-346-7400.. There is no tube involved. You lay on a table and this 7<<< shape arm scans over you..Its quicker and much more comfortable.It couldn't be more open… I wish you well.

  11. Geoff, so sorry to hear of your pain. I am a volunteer with US Pain Foundation & it is so upsetting to read everyone’s personal story of their pain issues. Over 16 million people in the U$ suffer with chronic pain, including myself for almost 7 years. Visit our website for support & a great deal if information. US Pain was founded by people in pain for people in pain. A wonderful organization that has helped me so much! Wishing everyone pain-free days!

  12. Well, now we’re getting somewhere!

    As I mentioned in my last post to you, my wife had the same diagnosis ….long story short – a super-surgeon in Danbury performed his magic this past December, micro-discectomy, one day, minimally invasive, …. after a few weeks of careful recovery she has been absolutely pain free!
    I hope you consider the same path,it’s worth it!!

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