My Pain Has Taught Me a Few Things

I have learned a few things since being sidelined with back/leg pain.  Specifically,  it sucks!

No one wants to do this research,  certainly not me, but I have no choice.  My pains have not gotten better.  In some cases they’re actually worse.

I’m avoiding anything that brings pain.  Standing always leads to a prolonged period even after I’ve gotten back on my side or back.  Except for taking a shower or walking to the bathroom I’ve stayed off my feet as much as I can.

Eating while on your side is no fun!

I now understand how people get hooked on pain meds.  Maybe I’m being shallow,  but I’ve heard tales of rehab check-ins which were preceded by back problems. I always thought that was a flimsy excuse.  It is not.

I am doing all I can to use as little medication as possible.  I would be lying if I didn’t say the whole pain meds prospect is scary.

For me this long holiday weekends could not have come at a worse time.  More waiting.   My appointment to see a neuro specialist is Tuesday.

Ice has become my friend.   Applied where it hurts numbs the area and reduces the pain.

I have no doubt I will heal. The only question now is how long that will take.  It’s still too early to even guess.

21 thoughts on “My Pain Has Taught Me a Few Things”

  1. You are missed Geoff, perhaps a neuro doc can freeze the nerve or inject a nerve block for you. Have you seen a chiropractor?

  2. I’m so sorry that you haven’t had any relief yet. Back pain can be brutal. I hope you begin to feel better soon. You are missed.

  3. Sadly the one thing you’ll be told is that if you don’t use it you’ll loose it. If you can find a hot tub to sit in… followed by icing the back that may help. Try to walk a short distance each day, even if it hurts, use a back brace and again ice the heck out of it when you’re done. You might inquire about a TENs unit to help diminish the pain for when you return to work and will be on your feet.

    One other thing is to suggest that while you hate taking them, keeping a therapeutic level in your system of the pain meds is preferable to waiting as long as you can before taking more. First because it increases your pain and therefore any muscle spazms due to the pain… and second because it will end up taking more meds than usual to get the pain back under control.

    Wishing you quick recovery, from someone who is on that same ride (for many years now). Pain is very draining… Try not to let it get the best of you… Jill

  4. The worse thing you can do is to avoid moving/walking, that will prolong and/or INCREASE your pain. You have to move, get up and walk short distances/gentle stretching every hour or so… if it means you need to take pain meds to do it, then do it. You should also be on an anti-inflammatory such as Naprosyn or Motrin( if not medically contraindicated) and a muscle relaxer- as well as Vidodin or Percocet as needed.

  5. For my sciatic pain the worst time is while I am sleeping, just can’t get comfortable.
    But it is such a horrible pain which I would not wish for anyone.
    Feel better soon.

  6. Hi Geoff, sorry you are having so much pain. Hopefully you will get some relief soon. I, too, suffer with pain since my work-related accident in 2006. It is definitely extremely draining, and can lead to depression as you are so isolated from the “real world”. I found great comfort after I found a group called US Pain Foundation. I now volunteer with this organization and I highly recommend that you visit their website ( where you will find a great deal of info, as well as connect with other’s in the same situation as yourself. USPF was founded by people in pain for people with pain. Please feel free to contact me as I would be happy to speak with you at any time. FYI … Sept is Pain Awareness Month & we are presently waiting to receive a proclamation from Gov. Malloy. And by all means, take your pain meds… There is no reason for you to suffer needlessly! Take care of yourself & I hope to hear from you! Stacie

  7. Geoff, I had a terrible back pain episode last year and I was sure that it was something in the spine – a disc, etc. Absolutely disabling. An ER doc told me that it was something like that. But when I finally got to my GP, he found that I had torn my latissimus dorsi on the lower left insertion point. It took two months to recover (I’m in my 50s, too). Good luck and hopefully it’s something like this for you, too.

  8. years ago for my back pain it was warm moist heat,. exercise and laying on a hard surface to keep the back straight, slept on the floor a few nights and had to put a board under the mattress, sofa was the worst always bent and in different positions. Of course were all different with what is actually wrong and what may be good for one is bad for you. only can do what your doctor says for your situation and hope for the best

  9. I’m sorry to hear that you’re still in slot of pain and it’s not getting better! I hope your doctors appointment on Tuesday reveals something.
    I also have never experienced back and tend to pooh-pooh my husband. I promise not to anymore!

  10. I keep hearing little gems of wisdom from your posts which I suspect you do not. “I have learned a few things…since…pain.” What have you yet to learn from this pain? Life is a teacher. Do your research…and perhaps when you have learned what it is life is trying to teach you – you will be healed. Here is wishing you insight and healing. From someone who has learned much from pain and, I believe, will learn more still. I still miss you from News 8. Please get your enthusiasm and zest for life back soon.

  11. My husband, Dick, (N1HUV) had written you a few weeks ago about me and my herniated disc. My surgeon is Dr. Javid Shahid (Neurological Associates of Southwestern CT) – out of Norwalk and Danbury. He performed micro-discectomy surgery on me 12/28/11 and the pain is gone, gone, gone! I realized that fact as soon as I awoke in the recovery room. Trust me, surgery is the BEST thing possible. Keep a positive attitude and know that the mild discomfort you will feel after the surgery, is NOTHING compared to the debilitaing pain you are in now. I tried cortisone injections, Advil, ice, physical therapy all prior to surgery with little or no relief. I was back to “walking” in no time and am doing my 1 1/2 miles with no difficulty at all. I followed his post-surgery orders strictly and began physical therapy about 2 months after surgery. I had 4 wks of physical therapy to strengthen core muscles and continue to do my prescribed exercises on a daily basis. Good luck to you and I KNOW you will get through this. Please feel free to contact Dick or myself if you’d like to talk.

    Believe me, it is the best way to go —

    Looking forward to seeing you back on the air and PAIN FREE, soon!

    Dolores Ruscoe

  12. I’m not happy that the pain hasn’t lessened. I am confident that the neurologist will come up with something that will help you. Fingers, toes, and paws crossed! (Frankie, our cocker spaniel, sympathizes..he had back problems, too.)

  13. Geoff, I just finished a week of recovering from eye surgery for torn retina. Instructions were to lay on left side for 7 straight days. No TV, no reading, no showers and no texting/emailing! Eating sideways really does suck – and straws help with that lol. I was uncomfortable from the procedures but not pain per se. You have too be going completely crazy and I’m sorry that meds add to the worry rather than just relieve pain. For now just take the help the meds can bring and you may not have any problems stopping. If you do, you have a great head on your shoulders and you’ll get whatever help you’ll need. After the pain is gone, there will be nothing to stop you! I hope you can see a light at the end of the tunnel real soon! my eye is healing fine and i hear what they do in surgery these days is amazing. Hang in there! You are in our thoughts! The Tenners

  14. I see that you are getting lots of suggestions and advice, perhaps a lot of it against your doctors advice, or your preferred path to health. I assume this is only because people care about you, so I’m throwin’ in my 2 cents as well. Having suffered a herniated disc(and managed the pain w/only Ibuprofen)I found great success with my chiropractic visits and home therapy exercises he gave me. Perhaps a friend can offer a referral. With the unremitting pain you continue to suffer, if you have not tried this avenue it could be well worth considering. In any case I wish you well and hope your discomfort starts to subside soon.

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