Fantasy Season

My wife takes a dim view of fantasy sports . “Sports betting ,” she says immediately.  It’s a shame.  She’d be really good at it.

This football season I’m involved in two fantasy leagues, one at work and another run by some guys at the Record-Journal.

If you’ve never played here’s the very brief explanation.  Each team is made up of actual pro football players.  Their statistics are used to calculate your score.

All of a sudden you’re watching the NFL and rooting for individual performance and not teams. .. or the actual game!  Is that taking the sport out of sports? Probably.

Teams in both my leagues are chosen in a live draft where each team owner picks in order.  Nerve wracking! I spent both drafts second guessing my earlier choices.  I can’t imagine the pressure in leagues where the player draft its an auction and you have to be worried about choosing the right players at the right price.

Throughout the season I’ll decide which of my players play each week as I’m matched head-to-head against another team.

I am ill suited for sports, but I’m perfect for fantasy sports.  It’s nearly100% a number game.  I love math.  I love stats .

If you run into me this football season and I start talking about a breakout star on a distant team that’s out of contention you’ll know why.  I apologize in advance.

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