What I Know About Social Media

Are you on Facebook or Twitter? Me too. I enjoy the interplay.

It’s part of my job too. My bosses don’t require me to do what I do, but it’s necessary for people on TV. It is, TV people in denial.

I’m lucky. I was on TV when you had fewer choices and we had larger audiences.

Even if you don’t watch every day, if you live in Connecticut you probably know who I am. That’s much less likely to happen for someone starting today.

Will social media get you to watch me more often? Who knows? I’ve heard both sides from people I respect. All I can do is hope you will watch FoxCT when you can. That’s my hardest sell.

There’s a line I use when I give a speech. It’s told as a joke, but over the long run it’s true: I’m paid by the viewer.

Facebook has made itself difficult for me! They limit the number of friends I can have! If you try and ‘friend’ me on my original “Geoff Fox” page you’ll get a note back from Facebook saying, “Negatory, good buddy.”

Because of that I started the Fox on Fox page (which you really should like).

Both run similar posts and pictures. Both are as open and accessible as I can make them. Non-friends can reply and comment, but I don’t get to stalk your photos. Totally unfair!

I have buried the lede. The reason I’m writing this is to talk about reach. I’m am on short term disability from work. You haven’t seen me on TV in a month.

During the last week my Fox on Fox Facebook page reached 8,740 people. 6,960 like the page. They have between them 1,376,981 friends! I have no idea what value that stat holds.

Last week my blog had 8,665 visits from 5,239 unique computers. They read 11,771 pages.

Stats aren’t available for the Geoff Fox Facebook page. I won’t even venture a guess what the traffic is, but I have 4,713 friends and another 2,854 who subscribe to my feed.

Then there’s Twitter. 3,540 followers there. Who knows how many are real or even read my tweets. I get much less 2-way involvement on Twitter.

These numbers are surprising. I’d never tallied them before. Even off-the-air I can now reach tens of thousands of people. That’s never been the case for individuals before.

8 thoughts on “What I Know About Social Media”

  1. Oh my gosh. Who would even think to look up these numbers? Geoff, I’m getting worried about you. You’re geek is showing. You really must be bored, lol. I do hope you’re feeling better with this latest injection. Honestly, you need to get back to work. “Don’t go to sleep yet……….”

  2. I love analyzing stuff like that!
    I follow you on FB (don’t know which page right now), read your blog (love it) and and now follow you on Twitter (which I never read consistently because none of my devices “sync up” which annoying!)
    I hope you feel better soon.

  3. The greatest thing about your blog is that I can follow you but I don’t have to watch FOX news! And I hope you’re feeling better soon. The few twinges I sporadically get in my back frighten me enough to understand how awful it must be for you!

    1. Hi Gail – From time-to-time I have to mention FoxCT is affiliated with the Fox as in X Factor and the Simpsons, not Fox News as in Hannity and O’Reilly. We do use some Fox News ‘straight’ reporting, but none of their opinion programming. FoxCT isn’t owned by Rupert Murdoch and News Corporation. We are owned by Tribune, owner of the Chicago Tribune, LA Times and Hartford Courant. We are fully independent of any editorial decisions made by/at Fox News.

  4. Wow, you really do have too much time on your hands while you are laid up. Get back soon Geoff. Who is taking care of your garden?

  5. Geoff,
    First and I tell you this often. Feel better soon. Unfortunately with the injury you have it takes a while to heal (as you well know). We miss you on FoxCT. I can;t wait till I can come home in time to hear you say Don’t go to sleep yet.

    You are an inspiration to us weather nerds. (uhh hemm me). I value your weather expertise and have followed your forecasts the most.

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