I Have Been Fixed

Everything went as planned. I have been fixed.

I am in the hospital now. Discharge is planned for 11:00 AM.

There was no blog entry yesterday for the first time in six years! Surgery seems a defensible reason.

Everything went as planned. I have been fixed.

I am in the hospital now. Discharge is planned for 11:00 AM. My sleep schedule is totally screwed up!

Once I get home and settle in I will begin to write more about my experience and why I love people, but often hate systems!

Thanks to all of you who sent well wishes and kept me in your prayers. No words can express my gratitude that you allow me in your life.

The clock is running. I expect a two week recuperation then back to work.

49 thoughts on “I Have Been Fixed”

  1. Glad you are much better. Discharging you fast. That is a good sign. Take as much time as you need to heal. Looking
    forward to seeing you on the air again.

  2. YAY GEOFF!!!!! Good news! Now you can get back home and recover so we can all see you again doing what you do best! Plus, I am sure that Doppler misses you and is wondering where you are.

  3. Woo HOOOOO!!! Glad everything went well Geoff. It is amazing how wonderful you feel when you wake up from SURGERY, just because the sciatica nerve pain is GONE!!!!! God Bless, and looking forward to seeing you back on FOX!!!!!!!!! Praying for a speedy recovery!

  4. I’m so glad that is behind you now and you are on the road to recovery! Can’t wait until we see your smiling face on air again!

  5. I had to stop by and make sure you wrote your blog for the day… It was great to meet you, Geoff! I am so glad you are feeling better and able to go home to little Dopper today. Take it easy!

  6. Doris C said it best! Thankful the surgery is deemed a success! Prayers for your quick and complete recovery. Then back to work. We miss you!

  7. Yea, success! Those of us who have had success for any kind of back surgery were hoping you would take the plunge. You suffered long enough. We can’t wait to hear your story. BTW, remembering last October, we will try to keep the “snow” away until you get back on the air. LOL.

  8. Wonderful news Geoff!! Will keep you in my prayers for an excellent recovery. Still waiting for cablevision to return FoxCT to us.

  9. Glad you are in a better place…..Thank Heavens for Modern Medicine/Technology….can’t imagine how our ancestors lived with all the misery we assume can be fixed and eliminated…..keep on keepin’ on…

  10. Glad to hear the surgery was a success, Geoff!!! Get to feeling up to snuff over the next couple weeks and get back on the air!!!

    de N0FQY

  11. Excellent Geoff, I can imagine the relief of your body and mind.
    You’re in the way to recovery and happiness. Just take easy and don’t play football as of yet. Just stick to Chess. Good luck.

  12. Great news! Now sit back and listen to the doc and you’ll be back entertaining us with your awesome weather reports before you know it!

  13. I’m so happy you are home. You will be back to work before you know it. When your better you should hit the skating rink.

  14. Our prayers have been answered. You’re finally pain free excepting the surgical zone.
    Can’t wait to see you back on the air in time to tell us all about the changing leaves and all things weather related. You are a trooper and Helaine definitely is a saint!

  15. I agree with JoAnn. Even though we miss seeing you on air, don’t rush it. Happy you will be without pain 🙂

  16. Can’t wait to “meet you” at your work post. Your colleagues are good, but you are still the BEST! Fo;;ow the doctors’ orders and you will be back on schedule.

  17. Wonderful news!! Back surgery is always a concern. How good to hear that things went so well. Hope the trip home wasn’t too exhausting. Bet you go lots of puppy kisses from Doppler and she’ll be s wonderful nurse.

  18. Wonderful Geoff, so glad to hear it! Just go easy for a while (it’s so easy to want to jump right back in the saddle when the pain eases!) and you’ll be back before you know it.
    Godspeed Geoff,

  19. Always nice to hear good news! Be sure to follow the doctor’s recommendations and don’t rush the healing process. Thanks for including us in your life. Look forward to your next post.

  20. Glad to hear you’re doing well after the surgery. I’m sure the ‘get better soon’ committee at home – better known as Doppler – is waiting to greet you and stay with you until you’re all better.

    Don’t rush it. Make sure you’re ready before you go back to work. You don’t want a repeat on this!

  21. So glad to hear you are doing better. I know how bad the pain you were experiencing is – someone that hasn’t been through it really can’t understand. Heal quickly – we miss you!

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