One Of The Most Disappointing Experiences Of My Adult Life

President Obama was everything the staunchest Republicans have claimed. Governor Romney, on the other hand, was poised, warm and aggressive. I didn’t want to watch (and 22 hours later still haven’t watched) a series of “told ya’ so” pronouncements. My TV has been off all day.

It is no surprise to anyone who reads this blog, I support President Obama. With that in mind I was primed for last night’s presidential debate.

It was one of the most disappointing experiences of my adult life!

Last night on Facebook I posted:

“I have muted the TV because sticking my fingers in my ears and humming seems childish.”

I didn’t say why. Did I have to?

President Obama was everything the staunchest Republicans have claimed. Governor Romney, on the other hand, was poised, warm and aggressive.

I didn’t want to watch (and 22 hours later still haven’t watched) a series of “told ya’ so” pronouncements. My TV has been off all day.

I have only now begun to read a few of the post mortems. There’s been a lot of soul searching. Why didn’t the president call Romney out on his policy reversals and what are characterized as lies? Why was President Obama so wimpy? Why?

There are two debates yet-to-come. I still believe the president’s roadmap is the better way to lead us out of our malaise. However, I’d be a fool not to admit those still undecided were shown a much more acceptable Romney last night.

It is possible the election was lost in this debate.

20 thoughts on “One Of The Most Disappointing Experiences Of My Adult Life”

  1. Was he wimpy or was he his typical rational and calm self? It’s been brought up that because of his skin color he was raised not to show as much emotion, not to show too much compassion. That in doing so would open him up to being called an angry black man. He doesn’t need to call Romney out on things that any intelligent person already knows are lies or partial truths. All he needs to do is get his plans and ideas for the future out there and (hopefully) into action. While there is a chance that Romney could be the next president, I really don’t think Obama blew it last night. He was calm, well-spoken, intelligent, and capable. Romney does have some decent ideas for the future but to me, Obama’s ideas are still much more defined and more in line with what our country needs.

  2. I hope it was lost last night for President Obama, but I know better. A lot can happen in the next three weeks.

  3. Obama did seem a bit off during the debate, but he did know his facts.
    Romney on the other hand is a bit two faced, all during his campaining, he says what he is not going to do, and during the debate he says something else. Romney was pulling rabbits out of a hat, trying to get the voters to see it his way. I certainly hope not!! Obama is still our best choice.

  4. As much as I am not the biggest fan of President Obama – I typically concede that he is a very eloquent speaker. Last night left me thinking, “where did the confident, charismatic man go?” He was certainly off his game last night, in my opinion, and I think that Romney rocked it.

    1. I agree with you 100% Heather. Mitt owned it.
      I’m so tired of hearing how its always someone’s fault that he didn’t do all that he promised. Clinton works for him because Obama made promises to pay off Hillary’s debts for her run.If he gets in this time, who will he blame for the next four years, when he fails again, and he will..He had no experience to run this country, on the job training is not the way to go.He has only made things worse and I along with many others, fear what the next four years will be if he indeed gets elected again.For those claiming Mitt flip-flops about his views, they all do. Everyone stands before the people promising this and that, just to get the vote. Question is, will the people of the USA fall for Obama’s deceptions again? I know I won’t….

  5. It was truly awful. I did not have to watch anybody’s reaction to the debates to know that Romney won it hands down. Obama was terrible. So what if he does not like to practice for debates and do them. I don’t like to grocery shop and cook dinner every night, but I do it. It is my job.
    I guess he is not too interested in keeping his job.

  6. Naah…It was all calculated. Obama gave Romney the rope to hang himself. Turn on the TV tonight – it’s all about the endless lies he told. Romney didn’t fool anyone.

  7. The election was not lost. If you recall, GW Bush absolutely sucked at his debates and went on to be a 2 term prez. He had a very bad night-can we all just move on!!!!????

  8. President Obama has been called one of the greatest orators in history. However, could it be that he is able to speak eloquently and convincingly when he has a written script on his podium along with his teleprompter giving him his conversation word for word? Perhaps we’re seeing a side of Mr. Obama that he has tried to hide in the past. I wonder if it’s possible that, when left to speak extemporaneously as in a debate and without those prewritten scripts to read off of that he flounders and appears to be uncomfortable and less charismatic. Clearly that is the Barrack Obama that we saw last night. There has been much speculation with regard to his poor performance ranging from he was tired, he was upset because it was his and Michelle’s wedding anniversary, or the most ridiculous being blamed on the altitude of all things. One television personality went as far as to say that he wasn’t able to prepare as well as Mr. Romney because he has a country to run. Well, I have a big problem with that statement because lately Mr. Obama has not been in Washington in the Oval Office running this country. Lately he has been campaigning all around the country, no different than Mr. Romney and additionally, he has enjoyed his time on talk shows. If his time is better spent with the ladies of “The View”, that’s on him. Perhaps he should spend more time preparing and rehearsing and less time on the talk show circuit. Bottom line, he wasn’t prepared and he didn’t do the job the democratic party expected he would do. Clearly Mr. Romney won this round. To say that he only won because he spewed out lies, misconceptions and half truths could be true. But Mr. Obama did nothing different than that either. I don’t believe that every fact stated by Mr. Obama was completely honest and true just as I don’t believe that every fact stated by Mr. Romney was completely honest and true. This is what our government has come to. No one was totally honest last night and I’ll bet they won’t be so in the next two debates either. And now we get to listen to them verbally battering one another as they continue their campaigns. Dirty campaigning is disgusting but it’s already begun. Let’s just see who is ready for the next debate.

    1. I have worked with hundreds of people who read from a teleprompter. I’ve yet to see one who was masterful with one and not also an excellent ad libber. Reading from a prompter is much more of an intellectual achievement than most people realize. Try reading aloud from a paper and see.

      And, of course, we saw a much more animated Obama debate Hillary Clinton.

      I suspect this was a terrible strategy based on the anticipation of Romney’s demeanor.

      Whatever the reason it will make arguments like yours, Diane, much more believable to people currently undecided. It is difficult to ask people to un-see last night.

  9. Geoff, did it ever occur to you that maybe the BEST candidate won the debate for a reason, because what he said made more sense. I want all those wonderful things our President wants too too, but how will we ever pay for them. We can’t. Also, you got to choose the doctor you wanted for your surgery. What happens when the day comes and you no longer have those choices? Just saying………………….

  10. Jan,
    ‘Obamacare’ will still allow Geoff to choose his doctor and it will most likely be cheaper for his insurance company and him.

    Ignorance is a scary thing.

  11. Say what you want about Obama, but he has changed history forever in a remarkable and wonderful way. And chances are most of us will live to see a woman President because of this.

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