The Scare

Have you heard about this terrible meningitis outbreak? Five are dead and hundreds, maybe thousands, are at risk!

The meningitis was transmitted to people who received steroid back injections… like the ones I got. In fact the company responsible for the deadly batch sent some to Connecticut. There have been no reports of meningitis here.

The NIH says:

Bacterial meningitis infections are extremely serious, and may result in death or brain damage, even if treated.

If I was at risk, Yale, who purchased and supplied the drugs used in my two procedures, would have contacted me… right… Yale? Ditto for the physician who administered my epidurals. I’m visiting his associate tomorrow.

Meanwhile I texted a friend who’s a physician, but not involved in any of this treatment.

Geoff, if you had been given the bad stuff you’d be dead by now!

Well all right then.

4 thoughts on “The Scare”

  1. Aren’t you grateful for friends who can bottom-line it for you so clearly?
    (especially when it’s bottom-lined with good news like that!)
    Had thought of you when I first read the story a few days ago. Assumed you’d have been notified but we all know what “assuming” does.

  2. If the agent was a bacterium, I’d agree with your physician friend, but unfortunately the agent is Aspergillus (mold)& incubation can take a month or so….sorry Geoff!
    The compounding pharmacy’s infection control practices should (and no doubt will be)scrutinized.

  3. Thanks Geoff. You were the first thought that came to me when I heard this story. Thankful you don’t have to worry.

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