I Take Too Many Photos

I take a lot of photos. Too many. Saturday night on East Rock over 150. None were keepers! That’s disappointing.

Clicky is used a lot. The shutter has fired tens of thousands of times, easily.

The ability to snap shots with no monetary cost is a game changer. The unspoken truth is if you take loads of shots you have to screen them and ‘finish’ them.

Photos are free, but you’re paying in time.

I find photography interesting because there are a multitude of adjustments a photographer can make to produce totally different photos without moving an inch! It’s more than just pointing.

That’s also the frustrating part. With so many potential adjustments I never quite choose exactly the right combination. That was my problem on East Rock. I didn’t even get close.

Every photo needs adjustment. Yours, mine, everyone’s. Photoshop is my choice for tweaking. I try and shoot in a way that allows me to compensate without losing significant quality.

One of my biggest fears pre-surgery was I wouldn’t be able to get on my belly or crouch down low–poses I gravitate to when there’s a camera in my hands.

When I can’t get outside there’s Doppler to shoot. Sometimes she’s temperamental and will look away. Mostly she stays still.

The shot at the top of this entry was taken this evening. It’s been desaturated (black and white), heavily sharpened and contrast enhanced. It’s a little more stark than the original.

The shot on the bottom was taken last night. We were parked outside the frozen yogurt store at night. Using a flash would have spoiled the shot. I was limited because of the low light.

I like taking close-ups, but this shot is the opposite. Doppler’s small size is highlighted by including most of the car’s window.

4 thoughts on “I Take Too Many Photos”

  1. Geoff, your photos are always great. I love that you clearly state you’re taking hundreds of shots just to get one good one. I could never seem to get my friends and family to understand that. I love the black and white shot of Doppler – I believe B&W photography is far superior to color. More dramatic. Of course, your second shot almost negates that statement. I hope Doppler got a little treat when you got back in the car. 🙂

  2. I love taking pictures! And even more now with my Canon t2i! I take hundreds of pictures too – I took over 100 at my nephews football game at Coast Guard last weekend. I thought of you as I examined and deleted and enhanced them. I used my 55-250 zoom during the game, and set it to continuous shot. I got some great shots including his interception!
    My family gets sick of me too.

  3. I’m the same way, I take waaaay too many photos! My poor camera has taken well over 10k shots in less than the two years I’ve owned it! But it’s a blast of a hobby! I’m always learning, always trying to improve! I’m definitely in awe of your photos. Especially Doppler. I don’t think she could take a bad photo!

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