Rachel and I spent the last half hour adding numbers, staring at computer printouts and consulting with Helaine. Year’s end is drawing near. There are still vacation day to schedule.

It’s crazy. I was just away for two months! How could there be days left?

I’ve learned a lot about Short Term Disability. Until this year I’d never even considered it.

Once my sick days were used up (first time in 43 years of full time employment) STD kicked in. I couldn’t use my vacation days even if I wanted to.

Helaine and Rachel both keep really accurate records. So did Jenn back when I worked in New Haven. Me? Not so much.

I still break out in a cold sweat when I go through this exercise. Always have. Probably always will.

It’s done now. I’m good for another year.

3 thoughts on “Scheduling”

  1. Geoff, when I first saw this entry, I was seriously wondering just what the heck you were so spun up about.

    Then I realized that between the Family Leave act, the STD stuff, and all the other lovely Federal and State rules and regulations applying to time off from work, it really IS a paperwork nightmare figuring out what color account the leave goes in, when it can be taken, how long, and what documentation you need to justify it.

    Yeah, that could be a real PITA to account for, and I hope I never have to deal with too much of that…

    Bottom line, though, once you have it figured out, enjoy the vacation…!

    1. Lee, I do. But I understand what you’re saying. Remember, I work all those holidays everyone else gets off. In return I get comp days which are added to my vacation.

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