Sandy And Her Two Model Friends

I just took a look at the European (ECMWF) and GFS models. They’re our best predictors for medium range weather. Both are now predicting an East Coast strike for Hurricane Sandy. Obviously that is not good news.

The GFS brings landfall to Maine while the Euro hits New Jersey just south of New York City.

Let’s get real for a moment. Both of these models have varied greatly over the last few days. They have changed trajectories by hundreds of miles. There’s a big difference between striking Cape Cod and Asbury Park as the European model has suggested over the last day.

I am more concerned than I was yesterday. Both of today’s scenarios would affect Connecticut and, of course, we’re the compromise position between the two.

It’s still too early to go nuts, but it is the time to start thinking about what you wish you’d had on hand during Irene.

Do you use rechargeable batteries? Are they charged?

Do you have food in your freezer you’d like to start using now?

Are your prescriptions up-to-date?

New England is nothing more than a potential target for Hurricane Sandy. It is still too early to think its post-weekend location can be accurately forecast.

As we get closer we’ll know more.

7 thoughts on “Sandy And Her Two Model Friends”

  1. If Sandy makes it up this way, is it likely to be in the form of rain, or is there the possibility it could be snow? This is almost exactly one year after last year’s big snow storm.

  2. Geoff, please be kind. October 29th is my birthday. Last year was snow, this year a tropical storm?? I just want a quiet day.

  3. IIIIIEEEEEEE!!!! To the market we go for water, batteries and bread!!! Subliminal panic messages have begun!!! IIIIIIEEEE!!!!!!!

  4. I’m with Big Frank! Making my pre-preliminary (and preliminary) checklists and will head out to the stores and run errands tomorrow. Sure hope it’s all for naught. :/

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