Why I Still Write A Blog

I just posted an entry with six fall photos. If I would have put them on Facebook more people would have seen them. It wasn’t that way when I began.

My blog started 7/4/03. There was no Facebook. Social media was hatching, but slowly.

Few think about blogging anymore.

The problem with Facebook and the advantage of this blog is my ability to search and recover. All 5,638 (including this one) blog posts are known to Google.

Many times someone will ask a question and I’ll remember I wrote about it and send a link. That’s tough to do on Facebook.

Yes, Facebook has a timeline and you can go back, but it’s cumbersome to use.

Is everything Facebook has really accessible? Is there the ability to search old entries by text? I don’t see it.

So, I continue to post in my blog and hope to attract readers as best I can. Times have changed.

8 thoughts on “Why I Still Write A Blog”

  1. I read blogs daily. I have quite a few on my list and by far, yours is my favorite! You give insight on so many topics with your humor injected throughout!!! “Write on!” 🙂

  2. Please don’t give up this blog. I look forward seeing your updates here each day, or multiple times a day when time permits! You were predicting Sandy was going to be something before the others were even looking at it. You have a knack for giving the weather in a clear and understandable manner. And, most of all, you are the most accurate out there.

  3. Some of us also feel that Facebook is a security risk and a pain in the tail…

    I’d rather read a nicely-done blog any day…

  4. Geoff,

    Your blog is still a must-read for me, every day. Still interesting, informative, and entertaining. And well written.

    Keep up the good work.

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