Photo Night At The TV Station

It’s photo night at the TV station. New publicity shots are needed so the anchors headed to the Courant’s photo studio in the basement after the FoxCT 4:00 PM news.

This is one of those ‘which side of the line’ situations. Are we journalists? Are we performers? Maybe there’s some mid-ground where we’re on both sides at the same time?

This always surprises people. It is easier to find pretty men and women than it is to find people who can perform the skill part of the job! That we hire people who are talented and attractive is an amazing feat!

I have seen good looking men and women hired just because they were good looking. To quote Rocket J. Squirrel, “That trick never works.”

On the other hand there is a certain amount of show biz necessary. You’re probably more likely to watch an attractive person than a schlub.

The pictures we took tonight will end up in ads and other promotional material. It’s also part of the job to get you to watch.

4 thoughts on “Photo Night At The TV Station”

  1. Have to watch online…guess I’ll miss seeing the new billboards ….Great to see you’re quoting Rockey…what no Bullwinkle??? You have always had a likeable TV presence…..I learn more when the info is presented creatively…keep giving us “Fantastic Fox” the Meteorological Marvel….

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