‘Tis The Snow Season

My driveway is wet. My lawn is white. Bunnies have left a trail. Except for the occasional sheets of ice that slide off my roof and crash to the ground it’s a quiet and pretty Christmas Day. I’ll take it!

I didn’t want to come back and convert this into a weather blog, but right now weather’s on my mind. There’s another storm due Wednesday afternoon and it won’t be quite as docile.

This next storm caught my eye while it was still in the Pacific. It drenched the fans at the San Francisco – Seattle football game Sunday night. Today it will bring tornadoes to the Gulf Coast states and a blizzard to Southwestern Oklahoma and nearby Texas.

Most likely we feel its effect beginning Wednesday afternoon. This is another storm where location is important.

There might be some snow or sleet at the start, but for the shoreline this is a nasty rainstorm. Overnight, the moderate to heavy rain will be accompanied by strong gusty winds from the east.

Inland is a different story, because I see a significant period of snow before changing to rain. 4-8″ is a reasonable early guess before the snow is capped.

There will be plenty of rain after the snow, but not enough to wash it away. Instead we’ll be left with heavy, icy, slick snow on roads and sidewalks on a windy Thursday morning.

It’s winter weather. The forecast is never 100% right, but if travel is in your plans Wednesday/Thursday you’re going to need to factor this in.

12 thoughts on “‘Tis The Snow Season”

  1. Hmmmmm….Loving that you’re back on line. Missed you…and now you’re helping us plan our travels back north… um…sort of. Travelling from the Ocean City Md area back to CT on Thurs…and trying to decide if we need to bring the paddles in the car or the snow shoes….we’ll await your next update!!!…and happy holidays to all!!! 🙂

  2. I hope we do get some good cold weather. These winters of the past few years have been to mild, they make me want to move to Alaska.

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