The Infinitely Complex Atmosphere

I’ve just started looking at the 00z models. Big storm. It starts early Wednesday evening as snow in most areas.

May I pause for a sec? The atmosphere is very interesting. The atmosphere is infinitely complex. The atmosphere is a real thing.

As Wednesday’s strong low pressure system moves through it will affect every part of the atmosphere distant and nearby. The fabric of the atmosphere will be bent and twisted. It’s evident on my maps and charts.

We start with snow, but rain will be a big deal statewide. On the shore the rain will eat much if not all the snow. The problem is inland where the rain won’t do much more than make the snow heavier and more treacherous for Thursday morning. There will be enough to plow across most of the state.

13 thoughts on “The Infinitely Complex Atmosphere”

  1. I believe you… No faith in ANY of the local stations – Don’t watch them BUT…would watch any station that puts you on the air !!!

  2. Geoff, do you have any thoughts on why we seem to be experiencing such frequent periods of high (30mph – 50mph) wind gusts of late? I’m 61 years young and never remember this happening so often. It seems to be the new norm. Any thoughts?

  3. Drat! I have a big Christmas Gathering planned for Dec. 26th!!! I’m not sure whether I should postpone it or not. One problem is my dear old friend is up from South Carolina – not sure for how long. What to do??

  4. Thanks for the forecast. I’m sure you could come up with a blue screen somewhere in the house and do the weather from home. A camcorder and some software would do the trick.

  5. Funny—at 5:45 the sidewalks and roads were clear–no snow had fallen yet on this part of the west side hills in Naugatuck. 6PM-I just looked out and there is a light coat on all surfaces,except the road, which is still wet–guess I’ll need the ice cleats on to walk the dog this evening.
    Thanks for putting the weather up—I still trust your’s more than anyone else.

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