More Snow For Saturday

Weather is like real estate. The three most important factors are location, location, location. That’s the story for Saturday’s storm. It will be a big deal elsewhere, not here.

That’s not to say we won’t get snow. We will. Not a lot.

Unlike yesterday’s multifaceted system this will be all snow for Connecticut. It starts Saturday morning, gone around sundown. An inch or two statewide is likely. Winds will be light and temperatures at or just below freezing.

Call it touch up snow–just enough to brighten what’s already on the ground.

Unbelievably the European, GFS and NAM all agree!

This forecast took a little more time today. My favorite website for the GFS and NAM models is down. It’s not like these aren’t available everywhere, but you get used to your favorite site’s nuances. At least I do.

15 thoughts on “More Snow For Saturday”

  1. Thanks so much! I am hoping you continue to do this….I find myself coming to your site now first for my weather and not the news stations! I’ve always trusted your forecasts – not the others 🙂 So glad to “see” you back. Happiest of New Year’s, Geoff !!!

  2. As with Mary, I stopped by hoping you’d have a forecast up – and will continue to do so. I’ve trusted them and like the way you explain what’s happening.

  3. Is there an app or website that provides weather for driving route? Trying to decide if we should leave Sat. or Sunday to head from CT to western part of MD. Thanks.

  4. Thank God you’re back forecasting. We need you. Now: how can it snow ALL DAY from morning till sundown and we only get an inch or two? Stupid question maybe but…

  5. Hey Geoff,
    What is your preferred site for viewing models? There a many out there. I want to know your opinion as I have trusted you over the years for forecasts.
    thanks in advance.

    PS WELCOME BACK I missed your forecasts, glad to be able to see them again

  6. Hi Geoff. Thanks for the forecast. Today, some have changed their accumulation totals and are predicting 3 to 8+ inches! What say you?

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